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The Best jokes about Barbarians

What do French barbarians wear to protect their eyes?


(Courtesy of my eight year old.)

There was a king.

He was having a problem with barbarians in his kingdom, so he began sending guards to patrol the roads at night.

One of his nobles sent some of his city guard to help with the efforts, and a fool to keep the king's mood up.

The king was polite, but full of pride, so he sent the guards back with the message, "I have plenty of guards of my own, but I appreciate the jester."

what do you call a clan of barbarians you cant see?


What do pothead barbarians say when 420 rolls around?

420 raze it!

What did the old Frankish barbarians say to the Roman invasion?

[](/dumbfabric)"You don't have the *Gaul* to do it!"

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