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I don't know why Marvel hasn't tried to put advertisements on the Hulk

He's essentially a giant banner

My 8 year old told me a really clever joke for once.

What do you get when you cross Captain America and the Hulk?

A Star-Spangled Banner.

Why don't they put advertisements on the Hulk?

He's basically a huge banner.

What do you get when you dress the Hulk in Captain America's clothes?

A Star-Spangled Banner.

What do you call Hulk dressed up as Captain America?

Star-Spangled Banner

Why doesn't Marvel advertise on Hulk?

He is basically a giant banner.

How do you get Batman into the Marvel Universe?

Hang him on the wall. Now he's a Bruce Banner.

I cannot understanf why Marvel haven't put advertisements on the Hulk...

... He is essentially a giant banner

A group of blondes walk into a bar

They immediately start to set up what looks like a big celebration; they order numerous pitchers of beer, then push tables together, one of them even hangs a big banner over it. As they're celebrating, the bartender notices that the banner says **"51 DAYS!"**

Curious, he walks over to the celebrating group, and notices something even odder; a children's jigsaw puzzle with about 20 pieces at most, completed and sitting in a beautiful frame. He taps one of the blondes on the shoulder.

"Excuse me," he says, "But what is the big celebration for?"

With a big grin on her face, she points down at the puzzle.

"We're celebrating our success! See that puzzle? It said "2-4 Years" on the box, but we did it way quicker than that, only 51 days!"

Convert Today! Earn $5000.

(More Jewish inspired jokes)

These two rabbis are walking down the street. As they're walking, they pass a church with a large banner hanging above them that says across it:


The rabbis are perplexed by this. There is no way that this could be the real deal. They discuss and discuss some more. One rabbi finally decides he's going in and getting to the bottom of it.

A lot of time passes. The rabbi outside is starting to get worried. More time passes. The rabbi becomes more and more worried. Is it possible they're keeping him prisoner? Has he been killed? Or worse, are they force feeding him communion wafers??

The other rabbi finally comes outside. He seems altogether content with himself, and looks completely unharmed.

The rabbi that has waited so long is comforted by this, calms down, and asks the other rabbi, "So. Did you get the money?"

The other rabbi turns to him and says:

"Heh! You Jews and your money."

What do you call the Hulk when he wears Captain America's outfit?

The Star Spangled Banner

A graphic designer is working on a website...

...and his client says, "Could you make this banner a little more green?"

So he makes the color a little bit more green.

But his client says, "No, that's too green. Make it a little less so."

So he makes it a little less green.

The client says, "No, it's still a bit off."

So the artist, losing his patience, shouts, "On a scale of 0 to 255, how green do you want it!?"

A man was passing by a small courtyard when he starting hearing...

...voices and murmuring. He went in and saw an altar with a large zero in the middle and a banner that said, "NIL."

White-robed people were kneeling before the altar chanting hymns to The Great Nullity and The Blessed Emptiness.

The man turned to a white-robed observer beside him and asked, "Is Nothing Sacred?"

Marvel should really use hulk more often for advertisement

After all he is just a giant banner

What did the sign convention management do to the woman who kept pulling down their long signs?


If you go into someone's home

And they have a former Soviet Union banner hanging on the wall,

That's a big red flag.

What's the difference between bruce banner and bruce jenner?

One turned into a terrifying monster, the other is an avenger.

Why did the Avengers have the best float at the parade?

They had a gigantic Banner!

If Dr. Bruce Banner always cites his sources

Does that make him the credible hulk?

If you go to a friends house and they have a giant banner of the Soviet Union hanging in their room

That should be a red flag

Department Store Shopping

A department store in town opened a building, 6 stories high, each floor offering progressively improving quality husbands.

They offered a range of men for sale to women at their discretion.

A woman walked into the store head the banner above the first floor reading, "Nice Guy," impressed as she was, she moved to the second floor.

The second floor's banner read, "Nice guys that love kids." Dumb-founded as she was, she continued on to see what else this store had to offer.

The third floor offered, "Cute guys that loved kids and cuddles." The woman was definitely getting impressed but she was interested to see what else she could find.

The fourth floor of the department store read, "Hot guys, love kids and have money". The girl, in her element, couldn't help but go to the next floor.

The fifth floor read, "Hot guys, love kids, have money, have a nice house and love family." She couldnt help but look at the next floor, where the banner read, "This floor only proves that women can't be pleased, and there is no men for sale on this floor."

For the point of proving points, the same department opened a shop across the road for men, same amount of levels. The first floor read, "Loves sex," and the 2nd floor read, "Pretty and loves sex." Levels 3, 4, 5, and 6 were never visited.

If you meet a girl that likes the Chinese national banner,

that's a big red flag

What do you get when Hulk holds the American Flag?

The Star Spangled Banner!

What banner phrase did the art sculptures create to christen their upcoming race?

Finish line or BUST!

So I'm at a protest right now

And in front of the crowd there's a lifted truck revving it's engine and on the windshield there's a banner that says All Lives Splatter . Should I be worried?

What do the Avengers call it when they win a fight without the Hulk?

A Banner Day!

How can you tell if the Hulk is doing well at the office?

You can see he just had a Banner year

What is a mixture of Hulk and Captain America called?

Star-Spangled Banner.

What's the M0D's name before they're triggered; turning into a furious, putrid, lump of blubber?

Bruce Banner

Did you hear that Fergie was actually singing an alternative version of the star-spangled banner?

Written by Francis Scott Off-Key

What did Bruce Banner get after having sex with as prostitute?


Thanos walk into a bar (OC)

Stark: We need The Hulk

Banner: I need to get angry first

So Stark strangled Banner.

I see my self out.

Why hasn't Marvel started promotions on the Hulk?

He literally is a giant banner...

What movie was basically just an ad?

The Hulk. It was just one giant Banner.

The movie Hulk was just an advertisement.

It was just a giant Banner.

The enitre movie Hulk was basically just an advertisement.

It was just one big Banner.

Bruce Banner needed to turn into the Hulk on short notice.

So, he had this sub saved on his iPhone.

If Hulk goes for a sex change, what would her new name be?

Caitlyn Banner

The owner of a new business comes to work one day to see that their "Grand Opening" banner had come undone overnight and fell to the ground.

"This is a bad sign" they remark.

What does a Bruce Banner cake turn into when covered in green fondant?

The Inedible Hulk.

I'm not sure whether putting up Christmas lights would offend my Hindu neighbors.

So to make sure, I hung a giant banner saying YOU WORSHIP FALSE GODS! on my window.

Why does Bruce Banner have Fifty Shades of Grey on his iPhone?

Because he needs something to get him angry enough to turn him into the Hulk on short notice.

If you go over to their place after a great date and see the banner of the former Soviet Union hanging on the wall...

Well then that's a big red flag.

If The Hulk took over for Captain America...

Would he be a Star Spangled Banner?

What's the difference between me and Bruce Banner ?

When Bruce Banner gets angry, he becomes "The Incredible Hulk".

When I get angry, I am just called "An Incredible Sulk".

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