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The Best jokes about Bangladesh

My buddy if I'd be interested in going to Bangladesh....

...."Sure!" I said. "Who's Ladesh?"

A man goes up to an indian woman...

he says "you must be ladesh?"
she goes "what do you mean?"
"well this summer, im goin to Bangladesh"

I was on a jungle expedition in Bangladesh with some colleauges of mine, when we all came across a tiger...

It was really messy, so out of courtesy we tried wiping it off while profusely apologising.

What is the most popular hacking tool preferred by hackers in Bangladesh?


What are the two types of workers in Bangladesh?

Blue cholera and white cholera.

What do ICE children and Bangladesh students have in common?

They're raped and murdered and the government doesn't care

What did the bangladesh worker do when the light turned green?

he bangla-dashed.

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