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Funniest Bands Short Jokes

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  1. What is the difference between BTS and Logan Paul? BTS is a boy band from Asia; Logan Paul is a boy banned from Asia.
  2. Why is Metallica the safest band to listen to in an airport? Because they haven't set off a metal detector since 1989.
  3. i went to an REM concert back in '92. They're my favourite band so I wanted my photo taken with them.
    That's me in the corner.
  4. If you ask me what my favorite rock band is and I'm being subjective, I'd say The Who. If I was being objective, I'd say it was The Whom.
  5. British teenager Emma Raducanu has just won $2.5m by winning the US open final Sadly she needed 2 band-aids and a bandage for a cut on her leg in the last game, so she still owes about $25k
  6. I was once in a band called "1023MB , I thought we had potential, but we just couldn't get a gig.
  7. If al gore had a band, it'd be called... The Algorithms.
    I'm sooooooooooo sorry for this. :(
  8. People need to stop putting flyers on my car. I don't want to see a band called "Parking Violation" at the "Courthouse."
  9. I used to play the triangle in a reggae band. But I got bored and quit because it was just one ting after another.
  10. Trump: "Let's get that Muslim band going" "Band? We thought you said ban"
    Trump: "No way, that's harsh. Also, how's the Mexican mall going?"

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  1. I used to be in a band called 'Missing Cat' You've probably seen our posters.
  2. What's Sisyphus' least favorite band? Rolling Stones
  3. If Al Gore started a math rock band it should be called Algorhythm
  4. What do you call a heavy metal band With financial problems? Megadebt
  5. My band is called 1023MB We haven't gotten a gig yet
  6. I started an emo salsa band We're called Hispanic at the Disco
  7. We had a band in High School called 1023 Megabytes. We never made it to a gig.
  8. I started a band with friends called 999 Megabytes Still haven't gotten a Gig though
  9. There is a band called 1023MB Unfortunately, they haven't had any gigs yet.
  10. There's a band called 1023MB It hasn't had any gigs yet.
  11. I started a band call 999 megabytes We haven't got a gig yet.
  12. My band is called 999 megabytes. We don't have any gigs. lol
  13. I used to be in a band called The Prevention... We were better than the cure.
  14. I like to sleep with a fan on me at night. It's why I'm divorcing my wife to join a band
  15. Have you heard of the musical condoms? They started a rubber band.

Resistance Bands Jokes

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  • Why did the polka band start playing during the parade? They couldn’t resist the urge to polka around!

Tribute Bands Jokes

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  • I really thought my wife was joking when she said she wanted to see a Monkees tribute band play in Switzerland. And then I saw her face, now I'm in Geneva...
  • Why is it so hard to find the world's best tribute band? Because they cover their tracks so well
  • I was just on the phone with a company that said I won my choice of either $500 or tickets to see an elvis presley tribute band... I had to press 1 for the money or 2 for the show!
  • I watched a UB40 tribute band called WD40. They were a bit rusty at first, but got better as the evening went on.
  • There needs to be an all female Incubus tribute band... ... named Succubus.
  • I started a heavy metal tribute band with guys from my Macroeconomics class We are Guns & Butter
  • I'm in an all-male Spice Girls tribute band. We call ourselves the Cinna-Men.
  • I'm in a Josef Fritzl tribute band... You probably haven't heard of us, we're pretty underground.
  • So I'm making a Marvin Gaye tribute band... We're gonna be called 'Marvin Gayer'.
  • They say you can never judge a book by its cover. But it’s the only way to
    judge a tribute band.
Bands joke

Bands joke

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I'm not going to let my kids listen to symphonies and big bands...

too much sax and violins

Just thought of this

So I was at a hippy music festival and after the show I met a few bands back stage. I saw a bassist sitting in the corner by himself so I sat next to him and asked.
"Hey man, my name is Mark. Whats your name, what you been up to?"

How many indie bands does it take to change a light bulb?

Eh, it's some number you've probably never heard of.

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Ray Manzarek, Ric Ocasek, and Sting were talking about forming a new band after moving on from their previous bands.

They were going to call themselves The Police Car Doors.

U2 are one of Ireland's most successful bands.

Or according to their tax returns, one of netherlands' least successful hardware store owners.

There has been a multiple thefts of rubber bands in our office...

I guess you can say we have a Rubber Bandit

Doctor: "Sir, the results are in. I'm afraid you have a serious case of 80s Rock Bands Alzheimer's"

Patient: "Oh my god. What is the cure??!"

A boy was snapping rubber bands on his friends arm

He kept doing it in the same spot every second, over and over again until the friend eventually said, "Ouch, that one Hertz."

The thing about the best bands, is...

..their music is technically sound.

Why Pyongyang the capital of North Korea?

It is the same noise the elastic bands that launch their nuclear missiles make

Have you heard the latest by Lady Marmalade and the Pectin Pack?

Oh wait, I forgot you don't like jam bands

What bands did they hire to play at the Developmental Disability Conference?

System of a Downs
My Chemical Imbalance.
Youth In Asia

I have a Polish friend who does microphone tests for bands.

I have a Czech one two. Czech one two. Czech one two.

Why aren't Gingers allowed in Jazz bands?

Not enough soul.

I have a particular disease for which I deny the existence of some 80s bands

There is no cure

What do 90's boy bands and blue spruce trees have in common?

They all have frosted tips.

As a Christian I can't Believe there are Billy Idol Cover Bands

The Bible is very clear that we should not have False Idols

I have a pun about rubber bands...

But it's a bit of a stretch.

I've been diagnosed with a type of amnesia where I deny the existence of certain 80s bands.

There is no cure.

Did you know Kurt Cobain constantly criticized other musicians and bands?

He was always shooting his mouth off.

My Neighbors like my bands music...

so much they recently threw a Brick threw my Window to hear it better!

10 Bands Stevie Wonder Hasn't Seen, 1 is a lie.

* 1-9 bands other than The Darkness
* 10 The Darkness

I like rock bands named after their lead singers

Like Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, and Tool.

I like metal bands with female lead singers...

Something about women screaming makes me rock hard.

What do you call musical groups that are exclusively made of masseuses?

Rubber bands

Do Christian rock bands still bang groupies?

Yes, they just don't use birth control.

I've just been diagnosed with a rare form of amnesia where I can't remember a small amount of 80's music bands.

Unfortunately there is no cure.

What did the Chinese statistician use to tally the number of Swedish bands?

An ABBAcus

I bought one of those anti-bullying charity wrist bands the other day

I say bought, I stole it off a fat ginger kid.

K-pop bands don't have groupies.

No Korean in their right mind would sleep with a fan.

I made a jam bands playlist on Spotify

It's 16 hours long and only has 5 songs on it

Did you know most Christian bands have a favourite chord?


Why can't creationists ever get girls in rock bands?

They aren't very good at carbon dating.

What were Helen Keller's favorite bands?

The Deftones and Blind Melon

those old boy bands get all the luck. My back aches all the time and I'm not even 40 yet. However, Backstreet's back...


As a result of deforestation, many species lost their natural habitat

Including Folk music bands.

Eric Clapton and Paul Weller were going to take their bands on a reunion tour of the West Country

But they couldn't decide who should go on first.

How many s**... predators does it take to start a local music scene?

Come to the show and find out. It starts at 8, $10 to get in girls get in free if they show their t**..., our bands on at 10 you should definitely check us out we're really good I've been trying to get us a record deal. Anyway you trying to come to my place after this I have a 12 pack of twisted teas at home?

An assistant to Donald Trump

>**An assistant to Donald Trump told him she had a fantastic dream last night.**
**There was a huge parade down Pennsylvania Avenue celebrating Trump.** 
**Millions lined the parade route, cheering when the President went past.**
**Bands were playing; children were throwing confetti into the air; there were balloons everywhere.** 
**Trump was very impressed and said, "That's really great!** 
**By the way, how did I look in your dream? Was my hair okay?"** 
**His assistant said, "I couldn't tell, the casket was closed."**

How do emo bands prepare for their shows?

They self-harmonize.

The history of boy bands proves the theory of evolution

They all descended from The Monkees.

Why do Ska Bands make the best Door Dash drivers?

Because if you order food they'll *pick it up, pick it up, pick it up*.

Why did the African band win the battle of the bands?

They were Moroccan

I came up with a joke on Tinder. It was wasted on her.

Frodo, Sam, Pippen and Merry went to Kay's Jewellers. Frodo said to the jeweler: "We are all getting married this weekend, and we shall need 4 wedding bands!". The jeweler responded, "I'm sorry, we are almost completely sold out. The best I can offer is one ring to woo them all."

Aside from King Crimson, did any other seminal progressive rock bands form in London in 1968?


Our bands bassist was always coming in late

He just couldn't get the timing right, so we kicked him out of the band. He got so depressed, he threw himself behind a bus.

What was the Vegan Metal Bands name?


What do you call someone who plays in multiple bands?


The bands Def Leppard and Blind Melon did a collaboration.

They called the song Helen Keller .
Courtesy of my adult daughter onto which my 'dad humor' has clearly rubbed off!!

Two lobsters were in a tank.

The one said to the other, "It sure would be easier driving this thing without rubber bands on our claws."

Bands joke, Two lobsters were in a tank.

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