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A blonde goes to a doctor...

"Doctor, doctor! When I press my body, it hurts!", says the blonde

"Well, could you show me where exactly it hurts?", the doctor replied.

She then procceeds to press some spots, an "ow" with every press. The doctor then gives her a band-aid.

"What am I going to do with a single band-aid?", asks the blonde.

"Cover up the cut in your finger."

I was thinking about going as a band-aid for Halloween...

But I decided against it. It would be too hard to pull off.

Why don't bandaids shop online?

They don't like getting ripped off.

A pastor cuts his chin while shaving one Sunday morning.

He hurriedly puts a band-aid on and rushes to his church for the 10:00 am service.

Afterwards, a member of the congregation, an older woman, comes up to the pastor and asks, "Excuse me, but what happened to your face?" The pastor replies "I was thinking about my sermon and I cut my chin." The old lady rolls her eyes and says "Maybe you should think about your chin, and cut your sermons."

One of my most loving memories of my mom was when I scraped my knee and she kissed my boo-boo and put a bandaid on it.

It really stuck with me.

Golf is a dangerous sport

My wife returned home from a round of golf and said she'd been injured. She told me she'd be hit between the first and second holes.

To which I replied: That doesn't leave much room for a bandaid!

Any action taken to get a split up music group to patch things up...

Is a Band-Aid.

Band-aid went out of business

They were just getting ripped off all the time

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