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Funniest Band Instrument Short Jokes

Short band instrument jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The band instrument humour may include short string instrument jokes also.

  1. Why did the polka band get a great deal on their new instruments? They bought them at a polka-dot sale!
  2. Why did the accordion player refuse to join a band? He didn’t want to be boxed in by the other instruments.
  3. Why do accordion players always carry a screwdriver in their pocket? To hang their instrument on a nearby tree during a break.
  4. A mariachi band was in a car accident.. Unfortunately some of the instruments were damaged and the band members injured. Don't worry, they made a maracaless recovery.
  5. I was Christmas shopping the other day and I saw a brass band, with dribble underneath all of their instruments Turns out it was the Salivation Army
  6. What do you call a man with no arms and no legs that plays 15 musical instruments? Stump the Band
  7. Why don't you want to take a tuba player on a pub crawl? They're always three bars behind.
    *I came up with this during band practice. Feel free to replace with instrument of your choice.
  8. My best friend just returned from his honeymoon and told me he lost his brand new sunglasses and wedding band in the sea. I guess we will never know why the had their instruments with them
  9. I started professionally playing the rubber band as an instrument... ...I consider myself a one-man band.
  10. I'm starting a one man band... Ill play all the instruments at once. Going to go by the name Louis c**.... That way I can play with myself and make people listen.

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Band Instrument One Liners

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  1. What do you call a punk band that knows how to play their instruments? A metal band
  2. A band player accidentally broke his instrument. He got in a lot of treble.
  3. I got kicked out of school for playing an instrument I got band
  4. What instrument did the chemist play in the band? The base guitar.
  5. What instruments should be featured in a rogue AI's music band? Just Harmonika
  6. Did you hear the government took all the musical instruments They were band
  7. What instrument did the Avocado play in the school marching band? The Guacenspiel
  8. I don't want to play a band instrument at school because I only get F minor

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Talented Octopus

A man walks into a bar with and octopus under his arms. He then stands up on the bar and shouts for everyone inside to hear. "I will bet anyone here 200 dollars that this octopus can play any instrument you give it". Everyone is a buzz and the bartender hands him a guitar that was hanging on the wall. The Octopus takes the guitar and strums on it with great enthusiasm and plays a beautiful arrangement. Another man pulls a harmonica out of his pocket and again, the octopus plays it superbly. A jazz band hands him all of there instruments and the octopus plays them all with amazing skill. Then, a Scottish man wearing a kilt comes up to the octopus and hands it his bagpipes. The octopus, looks at it confusingly then begins to fumble with the instrument. "Ay, you can't play er, can ye" The Scotsman says with a thick accent. The octopus responds "Play her? I'm going to screw her as soon as I get these pajamas off"