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Funniest Bamboo Short Jokes

Short bamboo jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The bamboo humour may include short jungle jokes also.

  1. Did you hear about the Panda at the Philadelphia Zoo who had his meal time changed? He was bamboo-zled.
  2. My girlfriend asked me: "Have you ever heard of a scare-plant?" I asked: "What's a scare-plant?"
    Her: "BamBOO!"
  3. Why did the panda get drunk? Because it had too much bamboos. (courtesy of my 10 year old).
  4. Why did the male koala invite the female koala over to his bamboo. He wanted to have a treesome.
  5. What did the ghost in the Japanese Forest say to surprise those walking through it? Bamboo.
  6. (real news) Chinese archaeologists have discovered the country's oldest mathematics document, written on bamboo more than 2,200 years ago! Even more amazing - one of the answers is wrong.
  7. Why did the panda bring a bamboo to the fight? Because bamboo shoots.
  8. which is the scariest plant? The BAM-BOO!
  9. Why did the panda travel to Wall Street? To buy bamboo stalks!
  10. What type of bamboo fertilizer was banned due to the chaotic destruction it caused the environment? Pandammonia!

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Bamboo One Liners

Which bamboo one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with bamboo? I can suggest the ones about panda and chopsticks.

  1. What is the scariest tree? BamBOO!
  2. What kind of plant is the scariest? bamBOO
  3. How do you confuse a panda? You bamboo-zle it.
  4. What plant is always trying to scare people? bamBOO
  5. What do you get when you cross a firecracker and a ghost? Bamboo!
  6. What do you get if you cross Bambi and a ghost? Bamboo
  7. What is a panda afraid of? Bam-boo
  8. Did you hear about the guy who had his bamboo plant stolen? He was bamboozled
  9. What is the scariest plant? Bam-boo
    From my seven year old niece
  10. Why do panda bears keep buying bamboo? They just like the stock!
  11. What happened to the dude tricked by a panda? He was bamboo-zled!
  12. What do scary pandas eat? BamBOO!
  13. What doea a panda call a jumpscare? bamBOO
  14. What do you call bamboo clusters that follow you? Stalkers.
  15. What do you get when you cross shaggy and a stick of bamboo? Mr.bamboostick

Panda Bamboo Jokes

Here is a list of funny panda bamboo jokes and even better panda bamboo puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • What does a panda eat on Halloween? BamBOO
  • What are the three combined sounds that PANDAS hate? NO!;
    BAM!; and,
    no bamboo
  • Why did all the female pandas want to mate with that one male panda? Because he had the big bamboo.
Bamboo joke, Why did all the female pandas want to mate with that one male panda?

Quirky and Hilarious Bamboo Jokes to Let the Chuckles Begin.

What funny jokes about bamboo you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean coconut jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make bamboo pranks.

A Christian man ends up on a deserted island...

He is stranded there for a few years until a rescue boat finds him. When the rescuers get onto the island, they are amazed to see what the man has built to survive. The man had built three different structures out of bamboo and leaves. They asked the man what the first structure was. The man said, That's my house. They then asked about the second structure. That's where I go to Church. The man replied. Then they asked about the third structure. A scowl came over the mans face as he told the rescuers, That's where I used to go to Church.

Give a man a fish and he has food for a day. Teach a man to fish and...

...he has to buy bamboo rods, graphite reels, monofilament lines, neoprene waders, creels, tackleboxes, lures, flies, spinners, worm rigs, slip sinkers, offset hooks, gore-tex hats, 20 pocket vests, fish finders, depth sounders, radar, boats, trailers, global positioning systems, coolers, and six-packs.

How do you bamboozle a fool?

(Spoiler hidden)

[Posting cause randomly remembered it. Sorry if repost.] 2 friends were talking while having a drink together

Friend 1: my grandpa had a barnhouse so big, if you put a calf through one end, by the time it came out the other end it would be a full grown cow.
Friend 2: my grandpa had a bamboo so big he could move the clouds out of his way so he could see the moon and the stars at night.
Friend 1: You're bluffing. Where'd he even keep a bamboo that big?
Friend 2: In your grandpa's barnhouse.

Two communists are in a nudist club, reclining in the n**... in bamboo chairs, when one turns to the other and asks "Have you read Marx?"

The reply he gets: "Yeah; wouldn't have happened if these were couches!"

I wish I could be bamboozled one day

Because being bamboozled everyday is just b**...


Two guys are walking in a bamboo forest when the spot a panda. One says to the other "Dude, that panda just ate an entire bamboo shoot!" The panda then pulls out a gun and shoots the one man. The other man says "Why did you shoot my friend?" The panda tosses him an encyclopedia and says "I'm a panda, look it up." The panda bear walks off as the man skims through the pages. He finds the panda entry and reads it aloud. "Panda Bear: Eats bamboo, shoots, and leaves."

Bamboo joke, What type of bamboo fertilizer was banned due to the chaotic destruction it caused the environment?