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Top 10 of the Funniest Balti Jokes and Puns

Baltimore, eat a snickers.

You turn into Ferguson when you're hungry.

When the Baltimore rioters looted the CVS, they stole everything except for the Father's Day cards.

What did the baltimore police officer say about the black man who got shot 12 times?

Worst suicide he'd ever seen

Baltimore Ravens go low carb

Baltimore ravens go low carb and cut Rice. (I will see myself out)

What goes 30 miles per hour and smells like curry?

Usain Balti

Who are the Baltimore Riots?

Is that NBA or MLB?

I don't know what's up in Baltimore but..

it sounds like a League of Legends Event.

Baltimore looks so much like a war zone

Russia is sending "humanitarian aid" to Baltimore.

What goes at 40mph and smells like Curry?

Usain Balti

Ever since the Baltic states joined the EU so many people immigrated West...

... the last to leave has to turn the lights off at the airport.

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