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What do skinny jeans and cheap hotels have in common?

No *ball*room

Girls pants are like a cheap hotel...

... no ballroom.

Sammy just bought a new pair of pants.

He's explaining to Dean that these pants were specially fitted for dancing.

"Ballroom?" Dean asks.

"Not much," Sammy replies.

What do tight pants and a cheap hotel have in common?

No ballroom.

My granma got my granpa a new pair of pants. When I asked him how they fit, he said, "like a cheap castle".

When I looked confused, he explained, "no ballroom"

These pants fit like a cheap hotel...

No ballroom.

What do a man's thong and a cheap hotel have in common?

No Ballroom

A man enters an elevator of a fine hotel and says "Ballroom please"

To which the lady standing in front of him replies "I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was crowding you."

How are a pair of skinny jeans like a cheap motel?

No ballroom

What do skinny jeans and modern houses have in common?

No ballroom

A man explains to his girlfriend that his pants are especially made for dancing.

Girlfriend: Ballroom?

Man: No not much.

Ugh, these new pants feel like a cheaply made castle.

No ballroom.

Why modern man jeans feels like a cheaply made castle?

No ballroom.

Why wouldn't the man dance?

His pants had no ballroom.

Why did the guy wear sweatpants to his prom?

Strictly Ballroom.

How many debutants can you fit in ballroom at the Waldorf Astoria?

Like, a cotillion of 'em.

I got this new pair of jeans and they're really stretchy so I call them my dancing pants...

because of the ballroom.

A man shuffles onto a crowded hotel elevator.

Since he couldn't press the floor button, he stated, "Ballroom please".

The lady next to him shuffles a little bit and replies "Sorry, I didn't realize I was crowding you."

Vincent Van Gogh's Relatives

His Obnoxious brother: Please Gogh.
His Dizzy aunt: Verti Gogh.
His prune-loving brother: Gotta Gogh.
His Convenience-Store-Owner cousin: Stop'n'Gogh
His Constipated uncle: Can't Gogh
The Ballroom dancer aunt: Tan Gogh
His Nephew psychoanalyst: E Gogh
His Fruit Loving cousin: Man Gogh
His sister who loves disco: Go Gogh
His bouncy little Nephew: Poe Gogh.

What do biker shorts and cheap hotels have in common?

No Ballroom.

These skinny jeans are like a cheap hotel

No ballroom

What do cheap hotels and the jeans kids wear these days have in common ?

They have no ballroom.

A man is dancing with a woman in a ballroom. (Soviet Joke)

He suddenly ran out to the balcony. When he came back, he was drenched.
His dancing partner asked him, "Are you wet because of the rain?"
"No," He replied, "It was the wind."

Tighty-whities are like cheap hotels

No ballroom.

What do small hotels and tight jeans have in common?

No ballroom.

What's the similarity between designer jeans and cheaply made castles?

No ballroom

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