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My conservative grandmother used to be a big Trump supporter, but this year her mail-in ballot was cast for Joe Biden.

No way would she have done that if she were still alive.

When I cast my vote for Bernie Sanders...

When I cast my vote for Bernie Sanders, do I punch the ballot with my sickle or my hammer?

What do you call an election ballot in mexico?


My friend stepped in a mound of fire ants as he was dropping off his ballot last night...

He was telling me how his vision got blurry and he could hardly walk.

I first asked him if he was ok. Then I said, "that sounds like voterinterfireants to me".

What do you do with a ballot in Russia?

You *Putin* the box

I asked my blonde friend who she voted for.

She said, "I voted for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton."

I said, "Why on earth would you do that?"

"On the ballot," she replied, "it said 'Vote Both Sides'"

A sleazy stripper runs for governor

After a controversial ballot, the stripper wins despite never having a lead the whole race. Many people suspect they rigged the erection.

Why are Trump supporters usually first to the ballot box?

Because they're always Russian

Decided to vote today, so I bought a locket

and put my ballot in it, guess I really put my faith independant

If skynet really does exist...

... It doesn't need to take over by force, just get its name on the ballot.

2016: Russian Roulette with all chambers loaded

My wife won best in show in the crafts division

But it turns out, it was an inside job.

Her friends and family stuffed the ballot box.

Deep State Fair.

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What does Harry Potter cast to stop big oil companies?

A ballot because voting is the ONLY WAY TO CHANGE THINGS!

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