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The Best jokes about Ballet

I went to see the ballet, and..

..all the dancers were standing on tiptoe.

I said,"Why don't they just get taller dancers?"

After seeing his first ballet at age 6, his parents asked him how he liked it.

It was good, but you know all those girls who were on their tippy-toes? Why don't they just get *taller girls?*

Why can't cows do ballet?

Because they lactose.

You go to the ballet and you see girls dancing on their tiptoes.

Why don't they just get taller girls?

Why do ballet dancers always stand on their toes?

Could they not hire taller dancers?

Who didn't allow the gorilla into the ballet?

The people in charge of that decision.

A man forgets his daughters birthday

He realizes that it's her birthday while driving home from work. Frantically he pulls over at the first toy store he sees and runs inside. He runs up to the clerk and says
"I need a present for my daughter, she likes dolls, do you have any?"
"Sure," the clerk says "we have plenty of barbies. We have Ballet Barbie for 19.95, Veteranarian Barbie for 19.95, Lawyer Barbie for 19.95, and Divorced Barbie for 195.95." The man screams,
"WHAT! Why is divorced Barbie so much more expensive?"
"Well, divorced Barbie comes with Ken's car, house, and half of his money."

I used to buy second hand ballet equipment from ebay

I still do but I used tutu.

Who Told The Gorilla That He Couldn't Go To The Ballet?

The Zoo worker at Cincinnati Zoo.

Why did the dinner roll and her friends go to so many ballet recitals?

Because they were in abundance.

My friend just graduated from her ballet course in university.

She got a (2:2)

What did the hooker wear to her ballet performance?

A prosti-tutu

I finally figured out why your sister is not a ballet dancer...

Because every time she does a split, she sticks to the floor.

Three engineers were arguing about what kind of engineer God is

Three engineers were arguing about what kind of engineer God is.

Electrical engineer: "surely God is an electrical engineer, the brain and nerves are a symphony of exquisite circuitry."

Mechanical engineer: "no, look at the ballet between bone, muscle and sinew. God must be a mechanical engineer."

Civil engineer: "God is a civil engineer. Who else would run a toxic waste pipe right through a recreational area."

*^\(the* *^joke* *^is* *^by* *^Robin* *^Williams,* *^I* *^think)*

I tried ballet,

but I never got the pointe.

What do you call a fat ballet dancer who has the high ground?


Two friends were walking by the ballet museum...

When one points and asks his friend, "Is that statue a foot?"

To which his friend replies, "No, it's about four and a half feet."

Just got my degree in ballet...

I only got a 2:2

The difference between a nutcracker and a nutbuster. The nutcracker is a ballet performance like Swan Lake.

Whereas a nutbuster is the lesbian scene from Black Swan.

Which ballet is the most uncomfortable for guys to have to sit through?

The Nutcracker.

I asked the radio dj if they could play Spandau Ballet

They gave me gold!

Universities have the strangest degrees now, have you heard about the degree in Ballet?

It's so hard that they all get tutus.

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