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Good for Christian Bale, visiting the victims of the Aurora, Colorado massacre.

I heard some of them even got to meet Heath Ledger.

One from my half asleep Girlfriend

What happend to the guys who kidnapped Batman?

They got Bale.

What do you call it when Bat Man leaves church?

Christian Bale.

Bale joke, What do you call it when Bat Man leaves church?

What do you call it when batman plays hooky from church?

Christian Bale

What do you call batman missing church?

Christian Bale.

Thought I saw Christian Bale...

I couldn't tell, though. It was a really dark night.

If you skip church on Sundays..

You're pulling a Christian Bale.

Bale joke, If you skip church on Sundays..

What is it called when Batman abandons Gotham city?

Christian Bale.

Batman was arrested today in the Vatican

He was released on Christian Bale

What do you call hay for Catholic horses?

Christian Bale

What do Batman films and religious farms have in common?

They may have a Christian Bale in them.

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Why did the farmer take a bale of hay to bed?

He wanted to feed his nightmares.

What do you call batman when he skips church?

Christian Bale

Christian Bale ate a large amount of candy bars on the set of the Dark Knight.

According to the Heath ledger.

What do you call a bundle of hay in a church?

Christian Bale.

What do you get when a Catholic priest baptizes hay?

You get a Christian Bale

Bale joke, What do you get when a Catholic priest baptizes hay?

What do whales need when they lose everything?

A bale out.

A politician is trying to get a horse's vote.

So he promises the horse a stable economy.

But it wasn't good enough so the horse said nay.

So the politician promises the horse that he won't bale out the banks anymore.

The horse still said nay.

"What more do you want from me" said the politician

and horse said "I don't know how to end a joke"

What do people say when Batman skips Church?

Christian Bale

What do you call Batman when he doesn't want to go to church?

Christian Bale

If Batman left church early...

Would it be a Christian Bale?

Jesus Christ was once Arrested.

But he was released on Christian Bale.

So, I hear Batman didn't turn up to the Christening ..

Christian Bale.

Why was the hay upset?

Because the straw was about to bale

Director arrested for trying to resurrect Batman franchise

All attempts to raise Bale have failed

What do you call Batman running out of a church?

Christian Bale

What does the Pope use to get you out of jail?

Christian Bale.

I ran into Christian Bale at a party...

I didn't recognize him right away, though. So when he said, "Hi, I'm Christian." I responded, "I'm Jewish."

Batman told me he was skipping church this week.

Classic Christian Bale

The only provider of hay is deep in debt...

so the government decides to do a bale out.

Christian Bale just put on 100kg to play...

Your mom

How do you get hay out of prison?

You pay its bale.

What do you call religious hay?

Christian Bale.

The man with a hay fetish, charged with public indecency due to his acts performed in a barn... released on bale.

What do you call batman if he skips out on sunday mass?

Christian Bale

What did the hay bale say to the other hay bale?


What do you call it when Batman decides not to go to church?

Christian Bale

What do you call a cross made out of hay bales?

Christian bale

How did Christian Bale get so skinny for "The Machinist"?

He's a methhead actor.

How do students in catholic school get informed that the lecture has ended?

Christian Bale

Luckily the blade of grass got arrested in the summer

Because he's about to make bale!

My kid comes up to me and asks...

Hey mom, if you're sentenced to prison in the court of God, would you need Christian Bale??

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