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I just took a Baking Class

The final was a piece of cake.

Baking a Cake

A family was out at a movie and there was a sex scene. Their little girl asks "What are they doing?"
Her mom replies "They are baking a cake." On the way home they saw two people in the park having sex. The little girl asks the same question. Her mother replies "They are baking a cake honey."
The next morning the little girl asked her mom "Were you and daddy baking a cake last night?"
Her mom says "No of course not, why?"
"Because I licked the icing off the couch."

So I was baking a premade pie and the instructions told me to put it in the oven at 180 degrees.

Now I'm left with an upside down pie in an oven.

Bakin joke, So I was baking a premade pie and the instructions told me to put it in the oven at 180 degrees.

What does the baking soda say when he gets sad?

I'm sodapressed.

Why are you baking octopus?

So I can get octopi.

Why was the pig in the kitchen?

He was bakin

I'm baking cookies for a charity for orphans

I made sure to use self-raising flour.

Bakin joke, I'm baking cookies for a charity for orphans

When baking, how do you tell when bread is done?

It crumbs

I was baking the other day and as I was baking, my Caribbean friend came into my kitchen with a slice of cake and asked, "Jamaican cake?" so I replied,

"No, I'm making a pie."

Now that Canada legalized weed...

there's a whole lot of Canadians bakin

Did you know the baking soda packets are training their children to be police officers?

Yeah, they're raising agents.

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Why did the pig avoid the cooking class?

Because he didn't like bakin


Did you hear about the baker who tried to bake bread with out yeast?

..He got naan

What hobby do Irish pigs hate the most?


Did you know most baking companies are family owned & operated...

they're all in bread!

Baking and boxing are very similar

They both require you to beat until thick

Bakin joke, Baking and boxing are very similar

I'm baking a vegan cake but I hate vegans so I've been insulting the ingredients..

It's not having any effect though, I guess it's hard to get a rise out of chickpeas

What does a pig say on a hot day in the sun?

I'm bakin.

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