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A man walks into the bakers...

A man walks into the bakers with a salmon under his arm. He asks the woman behind the counter "Excuse me, do you serve fish cakes?"

The woman replies, "Of course we don't!"

The man points to the fish and shouts - "Well what am I supposed to do?! Its his birthday!"

How do bakers share their professional secrets?

Purely on the knead to know basis.

There was once a pastry competition...

Many bakers submitted their desserts to the contest, but the judges were torn between two Italian chefs' pastries.

They said to the chefs, "We would love for both of you to win... *But there cannoli be one."*

Insulting Bakers is Good Fun

You can really get a rise out of them.

jokes about bakers

Why don't insurance agents like bakers?

They are far too whisk-y.

Why do bakers start working so early in the morning?

Because they knead dough.

Why was the bakers bread so expensive?

He needed the dough.

Bakers joke, Why was the bakers bread so expensive?

Why do bakers work so hard?

Because they knead the dough.

What do you call a r**... family of bakers?


What do gifted bakers take in high school?

AP Flour

Are your parents bakers?

Cause youre inbread.

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Do bakers get depressed...?

Or do they just experience extreme self-loaving?

What did the guy who burglarized the German bakers store at Christmas find out.

All of his cookies were Stollen.

Why/How do bakers work?

They knead the dough.

French bakers hate me...

...I feel their pain.

What's a racist bakers favourite ingredient?


Bakers joke, What's a racist bakers favourite ingredient?

Bakers trade bread recipes...

on a knead-to-know basis.

Don't marry bakers...

They're all inbread

Why do bakers go into business?

Because they knead the dough

Why do people choose to become bakers?

Because they knead the dough.

I understand why bakers are addicted to baking bread.

Sometimes they just knead it.

How do bakers deal with tough problems?

They ryes to the occasion and dough not quit.

I bought a chessboard cake from the bakers last week.

Took one bite, looked up, and said "it's stale mate".

He seemed surprised, said "no, mate".

So I handed him the cake and said "check mate".

When do bakers stop making donuts?

When they get tired of the hole thing

Bakers have a weird way of trading bread recipes.

Its done on a knead to know basis. Gotta get the dough somehow

Why are bakers so secretive?

Because they work on a knead to know basis

Bakers joke, Why are bakers so secretive?

What do two sibling bakers create at night?


Where do bakers pick up their h**...?

The breadlight district

A guy was in a bakery and accidentally pushed open the door to the back room.

To his surprise, he saw one of the bakers lying down n**... on a counter, kneading bread dough on his chest. The guy turned and said to another baker, "That's the oddest thing I have ever seen." The baker replied, "You should see him make the doughnuts!"

I know an old bakers secret

I'd tell you but it's on a kneed to know basis.

Why are bakers so crazy for dough?

They don't want it, they knead it.

The International League of Bakers is inviting countries which mainly export baked goods to join.

They're accepting dough nations.

Bakers only share their recipes on a knead to know basis.

Now that we've got the puns out of the way, how about some actually decent comments?

Why do bakers get paid so much?

Because they knead the dough

Did you know communist countries have the best bakers in the world?

People will line up for miles just to get a slice of their bread.

How do German bakers greet you?

Gluten tag!

Why do Bakers need a separate toilet?

For when they knead a p**...

French pastry bakers are scary.

They give me the crepes.

Why do the French hate bakers?

Because all they make is *pain*

Did you hear about the guy that worked for Hostess bakery and tried unsuccessfully to get a job at Tropicana?

Everyone knows that bakers can't be juicers.

Student 1: My name is Tom Archer because my ancestors were making bows and arrows.

Student 2: My name is Sam Baker because my forefathers were bakers.

Student 3: My name is John Dickinson, and I hate this game.

How do German bakers greet people

Gluten tag

What do you call a group of racist bakers?

The cake cake cake

What is a German bakers favorite game?

Gluten tag

Why are bakers great at baseball?

They make the best batters

My 8 year old daughter told me this one yesterday. What kind of shoes do bakers wear?


Why are artisan bakeries so expensive?

Because the bakers knead the dough..


Went into a new bakers today where all the cakes were 50p.
Noticed one cake, however, that cost £1
Asked the baker why?…

…'Oh, that's Madeira cake'

Not my joke, but my favourite cake joke for my cake day!

Two bakers were trying to have a talk about leavened Indian breads...

The topic was a naan-starter.

How do German bakers say hello

Gluten tag

Why do professional bakers and chefs always use butter?

Because there's no margarine for error.

83% of bakers nowadays are female.

It looks like they've finally overthrown the pastryarchy

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