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The Best jokes about Bakeries

Did you know that the USSR had some of the world's best bakeries?

People would stand in line all week just to get a single slice of bread!

Do you know why there are so many great bakeries in Germany?

They had to do *something* with all of the ovens.

There's a lot of things I hate

But people who steal from bakeries take the cake

Do you know why Indian bakeries are open 24/7?

Because they bake naan stop.

Why do bakeries in Denmark add so much sugar to their pastries?

If they didn't, they would be sweetish.

It's actually really dangerous to steal kitchen utensils from bakeries.

But you just have to be willing to take the whisk

Bakeries are very dependent on money

They knead the dough.

Bakeries often ask me to pose for promotional photos with their products.

Apparently I'm an excellent roll model.

I think my bakeries recipes need to change.

Today I woke up to a bunch of protestors shouting about white flour

What places have the least racial tensions?

Bakeries, there are brownies and crackers there and yet they never fight.

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