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I have trained a cup full of meal-worms to give me sexual pleasure...

...I'm a master baiter

Why did Pee Wee Herman win the annual bass fishing contest?

Experts say it's because he was a master baiter.

What do you call a man who excels at fishing?

A master baiter

Today my grandpa told me I couldn't even bait a hook.

Well he's never been more wrong. I consider myself a master baiter.

Heard this conversation passing by in college today.

Guy: Do you know why I'm such a good fisherman?
Girl: No why?
Guy: Because I've got a nice rod and I hook all the ladies with it.
Girl: I figured it was because you were a master baiter

My fisherman friend got his Master's degree.

Now he's a Master Baiter.

What do you call an expert on fishing hooks and lures?

A master baiter

Why couldn't the expert fisherman get any dates?

Because he said he was a master baiter.

What's the worst part about baiting a fish hook really well?

Everyone knows you're a master baiter!

Only When you perfect the art of fishing and baiting hooks..

Will you become a Master Baiter

I'm a journeyman fisher

I have trouble baiting the lines. One day I hope to be a master baiter.

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What do you call a skilled fisherman?

A master baiter.

A Blind Professional Fisherman, Is Given the Honerary Title of "Master Baiter"

*He replies* : " It's easy. You just grab your worm, wrap it tight. Cast your pole, and just pray that you inevitably smell something fishy."

What do you call a really good fisher?

A master baiter.

If Louis CK cant go back to comedy he could always pick up fishing.

Rumor has it he's a master baiter.

What's the difference between a professional fisherman and a teenage boy?

One's a master baiter, the other's a masturbator!

Got a promotion at my fishing job

Went from a baiter to a master baiter

What do you call a fisherman's caddy?

A master baiter

How do north Koreans catch fish so well?

They have Supreme Master Baiter!

What do you call a fisherman jerking off?

Master baiter

What do you call someone who is skilled at using lures to catch fish?

A master baiter

I tried to convince my friends that is was good a fishing

I told them I was a master baiter and they haven't taken me seriously since.

What do you call a professional fisher?

A master baiter.

My mate has just won an award for beating another 12 men in a bait digging contest.He has now been crowned.

The master baiter.

I have tricked so many people, for so long, that now I am a

Serial Master Baiter.

I won a fishing competition today, which granted me the title of:

Master Baiter

After 10 years of attempting to lure wemon

I've become a master baiter

When I always got frustrated fishing because my hooks kept getting cleaned off, my Dad would always tell me:

To become a master angler, you must first be a master baiter.

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