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I have the head of a watermelon, the arms of two French baguettes, the chest of two pillows. What am I?

Banned from the supermarket.

A Frenchman is arrested for murder

He is convicted by an eye-witness acount. He then breaks out of jail and stabs his witness with a baguette. The witness' son sees this and stabs the killer with another baguette.
Vengeance baguettes more vengeance.

A baker bakes 73,247 baguettes in a year and sells each for $2.73. What does he make?


I am a Latino pansexual with no regrets

Hot dog buns work ok, baguettes are good when they are hollowed out, and donuts were probably made for it.

So I don't know why my friend always is saying that I'm doing it wrong

I asked an MRA what he thinks about baguettes.

He said

"What about them? Bags have it way worse".

Don't swallow your baguettes.

It could be a pane in the ass.

A patissier suddenly looks up in a panic and shouts...

Quick, get me three baguettes and two pastries!

Darth Vader walks in

Here's your order Lord Vader

How do you always know what I want? Do you use the force?

No sir, we can hear you coming. Pain pain pain tarte tatin tarte tatin

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