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The Best jokes about Baggins

Why did Bilbo Baggins live for so long?

Because old Hobbits die hard...

Why did Bilbo Baggins die with an erection?

Old hobbits die hard.

Bilbo was surprised to wake one morning, and find that a Tesco had been built right next to his house

It was an unexpected item in the Baggins area

What do you call a Hobbit who works in advertising?

Billboard Baggins

(From my son (9) who just finished Fellowship of the Ring and is well on his way to being a dad with jokes like this).

Bilbo Baggins has passed away whilst still erect

I guess _old hobbits die hard_

What do you call Frodo Baggins with one leg?


Whenever I take out the trash I always say to my wife bilbo

That way she knows to put a new baggins

Bilbo Baggins turns on the radio.

After a lengthy commercial break, the DJ suddenly jumps right into a new song.

"Just a small town girl..."

Bilbo was surprised, and delighted: this was unexpected Journey.

A Lord of the Rings Joke

How did Mister Baggins know when his neighbor had died?

He read it in the Hobbituary.

Who should have played Bilbo?

Who should have played Bilbo Baggins in Lord of the Rings? Bruce Willis. Because old hobbits die hard.

Did I tell you about the time Bilbo Baggins woke up to "Don't Stop Believing" on the radio?

It was an unexpected Journey.

Which hobbit is really good at advertising?

Billboard Baggins

Why couldn't the one ring kill bilbo baggins?

Cuz old hobbits die hard

I heard they put a supermarket behind Bilbo's hobbit hole...

Unexpected item in baggins area.

Frodo and Sam are going to start a band...

Called; Imagine Baggins

I call my wife "Stillno Baggins"

Because everytime she changes the trash, she never replaces the bag

What does Cowboy Bilbo Baggins say to his wizard friend as he sets out for a Himalayan adventure?

Mao-uhns, Gandalf, I need MAO-UHNS!

How do hobbits kidnap poeple?

"Get in the Baggins"

Which TV show stars Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee?

How to Get Away with Mordor.

Why did Bilbo Baggins die with a Erection?

Because old hobbits die hard.

(Just a different Punchline)

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