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How to spot a douchebag in the gym?

Really bad so he hurts himself.

I went up to a homeless man sitting on a bench in the town centre today with a cup of coffee for him.

I sat next to him and asked how he'd got in this position. He said to me "You know, three weeks ago I had it all, my own accomodation, a cook, good food, the internet,TV, I used to go to the gym,to the swimming pool, the library, everything" I replied, "Blimey, that's a bit rough, what happened, bad luck, divorce,drugs,alcohol problems"? He said "Na, I got released from prison"

My gym teacher was shouting at me like Power comes from the legs! I know you can do it!

It felt really bad as I was standing on a ledge on the 31st floor.

Bad Gym joke, My gym teacher was shouting at me like  Power comes from the legs! I know you can do it!

Buffalo Tattoo (bad joke)

I've recently started going to the gym so I can have big arm muscles but I'm thinking of quitting and just getting a buffalo tattoo instead. That way when I wave to people it can still be a buff hello .

What's the instinctual response to a bad gym selfie?

A reflex of course.

TIL: The last time Roy Moore went to the gym, he noticed a hole in his new trainer big enough to put a finger in...

...Too bad she made a formal complaint.

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