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  1. I'm not saying that Asians are bad drivers... But I'm beginning to think that Pearl Harbor was an accident.
  2. What is so bad about being half black and half asian? You can steal a car but you can't drive it.
  3. The Asian man got bad news from his eye doctor The doctor told him he had a cataract.
    The Asian man replied, "No I dwive a Wincoln!"
  4. Asian drivers are so bad that some speculate that Pearl Harbor might have been an accident
  5. Why are black Asians bad at golf? Because they can't drive and every time they walk on a golf course a cop tries to put a hole in one
  6. The last time I saw an asian guy beat that badly..... was by an indian girl at the Scripps National Spelling Bee
  7. Did you hear about the Catholic Sister who opened a Breaking Bad themed Asian restaurant? She is the Nun who Woks.
  8. Between all the plane crashes and their infamous driving... I'm beginning to think Asians are just bad at transportation.
  9. Considering how badly Asians drive, I got to thinking. Maybe Pearl Harbor was an accident.
  10. Asians are such bad drivers... I'm beginning to wonder if Pearl Harbor wasn't just one big accident.

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  1. Asians are sooo bad at driving.... I'm starting to think Pearl Harbor was an accident.
  2. Asian Drivers Are So Bad... that I wouldn't be surprised if Pearl Harbor was an accident
  3. why should you never buy a Asian graphics card? bad drivers.
  4. Why are Asians bad at golf? They don't know how to drive.
  5. Asians aren't bad drivers. They're just disoriented.
  6. Asian people are such bad drivers They keep Korean off the road
  7. Racism is bad. Or as Asians say 'Lacism'.
  8. What do you call an Asian who feels bad? Malaisean
  9. There are 3 types of bad drivers: Asians, old people... and old Asian people
  10. Why are asians bad at golf? They stink at driving.
  11. Why are asians bad at football? They are always going the Wong way.
  12. Why are Asians such bad drivers? Because fried rice can make you drowsy.
  13. Why does the Asian man at Starbucks always give you bad coffee? Because he's always Wong!
  14. What did the asian do after receiving a test with a bad grade? Bangladesh
  15. Why are Asians such bad drivers? Because you can blind them with dental floss

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As an Asian male, I'm offended by the stereotype that we're bad drivers and have small p**....

I am an excellent driver.

My Asian eye doctor

Since I am half-Chinese and half-Filipino, and in recognition of AAPI month, I shall relate what happened visiting the eye doctor. I had been having trouble seeing while driving, so I went to my eye doctor, who happens to be Asian like me. He did the usual things, the eye charts, peering into my eyes, glaucoma test, etc. Finally, he sat back and said, "I know why you have trouble seeing while driving. You have a cataract."
"Bad guess, doc," I replied. "I have a Mercedes."

Why are Asian democracies so efficient?

Because everyone knows it's bad for you if an e**... lasts more than four hours.

I feel bad for people who payed $100 to watch the fight.

if they wanted to see a c**... black dude and a well-mannered asian cuddle they should've just rented Rush Hour

Why are Asian democracies so efficient?

They heard about the bad things that can happen if you have an e**... lasting more than four hours.

Having immigrated at 1 and been raised in Los Angeles

by two hard-working first generation Korean parents,
I still struggle with insecurities, some of which are
worsened by deeply ingrained Asian stereotypes from my past.
Just the other week, my Caucasian friend Jessie and I hit the links
and I tee off 250 yards straight down the middle of the fairway.
Then he tees off, and his ball hits
an 8 year old boy in the back of the head
\-- killing him instantly.
So I'm like "Oh. My. God.
Who's the bad driver now!?"

The Yin and Yang of dumplings and kebabs

An old asian man operates a store on the bottom floor of his house where he sells dumplings and kebabs. The dumplings are known for being the best in the entire city, but the kebabs are completely disgusting. The strange thing is, whenever you order a dumpling, you must also get a kebab with it. When people try to order just a dumpling, the old man straight up refuses. Many people avoid the shop for this reason.
One day, the man's nephew comes in, and asks "uncle, you know everybody loves your dumplings and hates your kebabs, right? You could probably get more business if you only sold dumplings." The old man leans in with a knowing smile, and says "I know that everyone loves my dumplings and hates the kebabs... But for all the light in this world, there must also be dark. Where something good is found, there must also be something bad. It is the way of the universe. Also this house has no toilet."

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