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Top 10 of the Funniest Bacterial Jokes and Puns

I took a video of my symptoms that suggested a bacterial infection

it turned out to be viral.

My father's sister is obsessed with killing germs,

we call her Auntie Bacterial.

Did you hear about the bacterial outbreak in the office?

They said it was a staff infection.

Why did Shakespeare get so many bacterial infections?

Because he only had quillicillin

How are nuggets made?

Bacterial Meningitis

Think you have bacterial vaginosis?

Let me do the taste test to find out

T cells

Killer T cells are where your immune system finds and destroys infected cells that have turned into virus-making factories.

Mr. T cells are where they pity the bacterial fools.

Why don't Americans get bacterial sickness?

They are uncultured.

Why did the bacterial colony overstay their visa in Ireland?

Because they had a really nice Dublin time.

What do you call a bacterial assassin?


What do you call an Irishman with a dangerous bacterial infection?

A leperchaun! :D

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