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I just discovered that the word 'nothing' is a palindrome...

Backwards it spells 'gnihton', which also means nothing.

What happens when you put the energizer bunny's battery's in backwards?

He keeps coming and coming and coming.

I know the word diputserom sounds bad,

but its more stupid backwards

Backwards joke, I know the word diputserom sounds bad,

Ever wonder about those people who spend $2.00 on those little bottles of Evian water?

Try spelling Evian backwards.

If you watch Cinderella backwards..

It's about a woman who learns her place.

If you watch Jeopardy backwards...

... it becomes a show where people pay money to ask questions.

An American asked the Newfy scubadiver,

"Why do you jump into the water backwards?"

To which the Newfy replied, "If we jumped forwards, we'd still be in the boat."

Backwards joke, An American asked the Newfy scubadiver,

If you watch Jeopardy backwards, it's about rich people paying money for answers to questions.

That is all.

The Energizer Bunny was found dead today from sexual exhaustion

His battery was put in backwards and he just kept coming and coming and coming.

You have to admit, Apple is being treated unfairly after the recent news about the iPhone 6+...

They merely wanted to provide a phone with the flexibility their customers demanded. It's clear that Apple bends over backwards for their fans, and they wanted to build a flagship phone which does so, too.

You could say that the iPhone 6+ is ... ahead of the curve.

Which cheese is made backwards?


(Kill me)

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What do you call an airplane that flies backwards?

a receeding airline.... bada boom! The little bros joke book is pure gold haha

Why do scuba divers fall backwards off the boat?

Because if they fell forward they'd still be on the boat. :D

If you play a Windows Vista disc backwards, you can hear satanic chanting...

...what's worse, if you play it forwards, it installs Vista.

What is False Information spelled backwards?

False Information

Why do scuba-divers jump backwards into the water?

Because if they jumped forwards they'd still be in the boat.

Backwards joke, Why do scuba-divers jump backwards into the water?

How does an Alcoholic teach the ABC's to their children?


I received an email from Google

It said, "At Google Earth we can read maps backwards " I thought, "That's just spam."

Strap-on backwards spells No-parts.

is it crazy how saying sentences backwards . . .

. . .create backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?

I asked my Dad if we could get any pets...

He said pets are just a step backwards.

Have you ever thought about the word racecar and how it's a palindrome?

Put it backwards and it spells racecar, put it sideways and it kills Paul Walker.

Please don't type Part A backwards

It's a trap!

If you listen to Nicki Minaj backwards, you'll hear the illuminati's plans

What's worse, if you listen to it forward, it's Nicki Minaj

I recently watched my wedding video backwards.

I love the part where I take the ring off her finger, leave the church and go drinking with my friends.

Don't read part A backwards

Its A trap

what do you call 10 rabbits marching backwards?

A receding hairline

What is heavy forwards and not backwards?


Don't spell part backwards

It's a trap

What do you call 100 rabbits walking backwards?

A receding hare line.

A man gets pulled over for drunk driving...

To test if he's really drunk, the police officer tells the man to recite the alphabet backwards.

The man does it perfectly.

Impressed, the police officer says, "Wow! I couldn't do that if I were sober!"

The man replies with "Me neither!"

Racecar backwards is still racecar

but racecar sideways is how Paul Walker died.

If you watch 127 Hours backwards

It's the uplifting story of an amputee finding an arm in the desert.

I played my wedding video backwards today.

It really cheered me up to see me take the ring off my wife's finger, walk out of church and go drinking with my friends.

Just got an email from Google detailing how they have devised a way to read maps backwards...

Turns out to be spam

A Driver gets Pulled Over

A man driving home from the bar gets pulled over by a police officer.

Officer: "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

Driver: "I'm guessing you think I was drunk driving."

Officer: "Tell you what, my shift is ending so if you can spell the alphabet backwards, I'll let you go."


Officer: "Wow, I couldn't do that sober."

Driver: "Me neither."

"Sorry," says the bartender, "I've run out of jokes. Besides, haven't you got this backwards?"

A punchline walks into a bar.

racecar backwards is racecar

Racecar sideways is what killed Paul Walker.

Racecar backwards is still racecar

But racecar sideways is how Dale Earnhardt died.

"Tony, can you spell your name backwards?"

Tony: sure... y not

Some say that if you play Nickelback backwards you'll hear Satan.

Even worse, if you play it forwards you'll hear Nickelback.

Violets are blue, roses are red

We're doing this backwards

That's what she said

If you watch Godzilla backwards

it's about a dinosaur that passionately pieces a city back together before moonwalking into the sea.

I watched the video of my wedding backwards.

I almost cried when I took the ring back, gave her back to her father, moonwalked out of the church, and went away, free.

Wow: I made it to front page! Thanks guys!

TIL why scuba divers fall backwards into the water

Because if they fall forward, they would land in the boat.

What's the difference between a word that's spelled the same forwards and backwards and your friend in Italy?

One's a palindrome and one's a pal in Rome

Don't live backwards:

It's evil.

The word diputseromneve is pretty stupid

But backwards it's even more stupid.

Did you know that if you play Nickelback backwards you can hear the devil?

But what's even worse is that if you play it forwards you can hear Nickelback

If someone wants to say the word "motel" backwards

Just letom.

Today i learned

TIL that dyslexia is the same forward and backwards

Doctor: Sir, i'm afraid your DNA is backwards

Me: And ?

Didi you hear about what happened to the woman who walked backwards into a propeller?


Have you ever wondered about those people who pay a fortune for those little bottles of Evian water?

Try spelling Evian backwards!

Did you hear about the guy who put his condom on backwards?

He went.

If you read the bible backwards its about a man sent to earth on a cross who is helped down by some Romans and told to go on his way. He then travels the world making people blind and giving them leprosy. He even ruins a meal for a huge crowd by turning all their food into 2 fish and 5 loaves.

He gets fewer followers as time goes by and in the end he's lying in a stable and 3 old men steal all his presents.

The American Government is just like a car...

If you want it to go forward you put it in (D) and if you want it to go backwards you put it in (R)

"Dad, why is my sister's name Esor?"

"Because your mother loves roses, her name is rose backwards."

"Thanks Dad!"

"No problem Lana."

The word "diputseromneve" may look ridiculous,

but backwards it's even more stupid

You probably know how most cheese is produced, and the steps taken to make the different varieties of cheese,

but did you know Edam is made backwards?

Teacher: Simon, can you say your name backwards?

Simon replies: No Mis

racecar backwards is racecar

Racecar sideways is probably Paul Walker

When Mozart died, you could hear his music playing backwards at his grave.

He was decomposing.

β€Œβ€ŒI jβ€Œβ€Œust dβ€Œβ€Œiscovered tβ€Œβ€Œhat tβ€Œβ€Œhe wβ€Œβ€Œord "β€Œβ€Œnothing" iβ€Œβ€Œs aβ€Œβ€Œ pβ€Œβ€Œalindrome...

Backwards iβ€Œβ€Œt sβ€Œβ€Œpells "β€Œβ€Œgnihton", wβ€Œβ€Œhich aβ€Œβ€Œlso mβ€Œβ€Œeans nβ€Œβ€Œothing.

When Mozart died

When Mozart died people would go and visit his grave, but they kept hearing his music playing backwards.

Even when they left and came back, there was still his music playing backwards. People were confused why the music was always backwards, then they finally figured it out...

He was decomposing.

I got an email the other day teaching me how to read maps backwards

Turns out it was just spam


**Before Marriage**

Boy: Ah, finally, I've waited so long.

Girl: You want me to leave?

Boy: No. I dare to not even think about it.

Girl: Do you love me?

Boy: Of course. Lots!

Girl: Have you ever cheated on me?

Boy: No! Why are you asking me?

Girl: Will you kiss me?

Boy: Every time I get the chance!

Girl: Will you ever hit me?

Boy: Are you crazy? Of course not!

Girl: Can I trust you?

Boy: Yes.

Girl: Darling?

**After Marriage**

Read it Backwards.

Hear me out!!

Is it wierd how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how wierd it is?

Has anyone else noticed that strap on

Is No parts backwards. How ironic

Got an email from Google Earth proudly stating that they can read maps backwards.

I thought to myself, "That's just spam."

Bill Gates is pulled over by a police officer one night after his car is seen swerving on the highway

The police officer asks, "Have you had anything to drink tonight, sir?"

Bill says, "Absolutely not, officer."

The cop says, "Can you please count backwards from 10 for me?"

β€’ ⁠

Bill replies, "10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000, NT, 98, 95, 3, 2, 1."

Learnt an interesting fact today..... If you spell "Absolutely Nothing" backwards, you get "Gnihton Yletulosba" which actually means.........

........... Absolutely Nothing!!

What do you call a group of Bunnys hopping backwards?

A receding hair line

What do you get when you spell man backwards?


Why do scuba divers fall backwards off of the boat?

Why do scuba divers fall backwards off of the boat?

Because if they fell forward, they'd still be on the boat.

If you say AT&T backwards

You sound like a Canadian Bomb Technician.

What kind of cheese is made backwards?


Why scuba divers always flip backwards when jumping from boat in water?

Because if they flip forward they would still be in boat.


If you watch Jaws backwards it is a heartwarming story about a shark who gives arms & legs to disabled people.

Monster under the bed

Jim hears his son call his name, so he walks in his sons room. Jim's son, Howard says with a tremble in his voice, "Dad, there's a monster under my bed." Jim unconvinced walks to his son's bed and looks underneath. There he sees his son crying and startled as he whispers, "Dad, there's a monster sleeping in my bed." Jim falls backwards from the shock and comes to a sence of relief when he realised that he had forgotten that he had twins.

Doctor: Sir, I have some bad news, I'm afraid your DNA is backwards

Me: and?

My friend Tony begged me not to say his name backwards

I said "Y not?"

I got a mail saying that I won 1 million dollars because I could read Maps backwards

I thought to myself, "Thats just Spam"

What happens when you play a country song backwards?

You get:
- your wife back
- your house back
- your truck back
- your dog back

Instead of Drew, I'm going to name my kid Driew.

Now I know what you're thinking, but it's only Weird if you say it backwards.

I had to call tech support for my computer the other day.

Tech Support: It seems as though your operating system was installed backwards.

Me: So?

Doctor: Sir, I'm afraid your DNA is backwards.

Patient: And?

My friend Tony asked me not to spell his name backwards

I said "Y Not?"

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