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Funniest Backup Short Jokes

Short backup jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The backup humour may include short backs jokes also.

  1. A police recruit was asked during the exam, "What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?" He answered, "Call for backup."
  2. If your soulmate dies before you meet them, do you get a backup soulmate? "I meant questions about the midterm," my professor replied.
  3. Don't have enough storage? Buy a chinese phone, so you are ensured that CCP has backup of all your data.
  4. Police Chief to new recruit. Police Chief: As a recruit, youll be faced with some difficult issues. What would you do if you had to arrest your mother?
    New Recruit: Call for backup!
  5. Imagine if I was asked to be a backup for Ringo Starr by the Beatles You may say I'm a drummer but I'm not the only one...
  6. I've known my whole life that I'm an amazing back-up singer. Every time I start to sing. People back-up
  7. I've always wanted to drive trucks in reverse for a living... ...I think it'd make a good backup career.
  8. I wonder how many vampires have been run over by people who backup just using their mirrors
  9. Your options when you want to backup your data... If you want to backup your data, you've got only 2 options. NAS or NSA.
  10. Trump seems to be having trouble finding backup music for his rallies lately :/ Poor guy should ask Green Day. Theyd probably let him use American Idiot.

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Backup One Liners

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  1. What did God say to noah? Do a backup, I'm going to format it.
  2. Yo momma's so fat When she went to McDonalds they had to call Burger King for backup
  3. And then the God said: "Noah, make a backup. I'm going to format"
  4. I like watching people run. Out of the way from the backup camera on my wife's car.
  5. USB is a great backup. Especially if USA fails
  6. Said Moses after smashing the Ten Commandments: It's okay, I have a backup in the cloud.
  7. If a cop car is stuck in reverse... Does it need backup?
  8. Who's your favorite backup quarterback? I think his name is Justin Case
  9. I put my backup cheese grater in a glass box. I'll break the glass in queso-mergency
  10. What would be a good backup name for a baby boy? Justin Case
  11. What did God say to Noah? "Make a backup, I need to re-format this."
  12. What do you call backup milk? *Secondairy*
  13. I was having trouble reverse parking... ...until I tried my back-up plan.
  14. What does Roger Federer call his backup racket? The Federer Reserve
  15. What's the best thing about having twins? If one dies, there's a backup.

Data Backup Jokes

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  • I wanted to recover my data So, i contacted NSA, they make backups for me
  • Lessons learned from Star Trek: Nemesis... Remember to always backup your Data!
Backup joke, Lessons learned from Star Trek: Nemesis...

Comical Backup Jokes and Gems that Will Get You in Laughter Land

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A Mother's Day joke.

A recruit at a police academy is asked some difficult questions when it comes to the job. He is asked,
"If you pulled over your mother, and had to arrest her, what would you do?"
The recruit replies, "I'd call for backup"

How many cops does it take to change a light bulb?

One. Unless it's a black bulb then he calls for backup.

Why did the priest get asked to backup the computer

He had experience saving PDF files

What do you do if you lose all the information on your computer?

Ask the NSA for a backup.

A cops calls for backup from a crime scene

This is officer John, please send backup, a woman has shot her husband for stepping on the floor she had just mopped clean.
Have you arrested the woman?
No Sir, the floor is still wet.

Newly Married Husband

Newly Married Husband puts a notice
in front of his residence:
Computer and Encyclopedia both in
good condition.
Reason for selling:
No longer needed
Got married.
Wife knows EVERYTHING ...
with backup server called
"Mother In Law "

Lately my self esteem has been so low...

Even in the shower I sing backup vocals.

Do farmers have backup plans?

In case their hay bails

What do you say when a scout decides to prepare a backup meal after all?

He made a recon-side-ration

2 police officers were called to a domestic a**...,

2 police officers were called to a domestic a**... call. when they got there they had to call for backup. 2 police cars showed up making it 6 officers at the scene,
they called headquarters and spoke to their Captain.
"Captain we have a m**... here"
"what happened?"
"a wife shot and killed her husband for walking on her still wet mopped kitchen floor"
"well, have you arrested her yet?"
"Not yet, the kitchen floor is still wet."

Seriously, though.....🤔

How appropriate is the word 'arsenal', when referring to your backup stash of toilet paper?

My skydiving parachute and backup didnt open but somehow I lived

long enough to post this

What's a good backup name to have for a baby?

Justin Case.

My parachute failed, so when I deployed my backup parachute...

I floated back up.


During WW 2 a British commando is trained to drop into France and sabotage the enemy. He is given a full training and in his last session he is told where he will be dropped and that a bicycle will be there for him so he will be able to move around easily.
As he gets ready in the plane to jump out, he is told that he has a backup parachute incase the main one doesn't work.
As he jumps out of the plane the parachute doesn't open so he tries to open the backup c**.... That also fails to open. As he's falling down he says to himself " This is just great! With my luck the bike isn't there either."

A man is falling out of a plane.

A man is falling out of a plane, intending to go parachuting. He pulls the ripcord, and it breaks.
Okay, he thinks. That's why there's a backup. He pulls the backup ripcord, and... It breaks.
At this point, he's thoroughly worried. But then, he sees a guy flying up right at him, as though propelled by an e**....
"NO!" Replies the propelled man. "DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT PROPANE GRILLS?"

a policeman calls for backup

Dispatch, we've got a h**... here. Looks like This old lady just shot her husband. She claims it was because he kept tracking dirt over her freshly mopped floors. Over
Understood, is the suspect in custody? Over.
No dispatch. The floor isn't dry yet.

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