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My wife made me some novelty tickets to exchange for sexy times.

Sadly she didn't make me any backstage passes.

A lead singer gets blown by a big fan backstage at the end of a concert and all the band members find him naked.

Group: Ewww! Get a room!

Singer: I would if you could fit three blades the size of a jet engine into my living room!

Did you hear about the music conductor who was fired for inappropriate behavior?

He was caught maestrobating backstage and his manager saw him a beat off

Marcel Marceau and Charlie Chaplin were booked to perform at a benefit.

Naturally since they were both silent performers, their acts relied purely on physical humor. The night of the performance they were backstage comparing notes and discovered they had planned to do almost the same bits: man stuck in box; man pulling rope; man walking against the wind; etc.

I guess it just goes to show, great mimes think alike.

What did the adenine derivative say when he became a suspect?

I'm inosine!

*slow backstage exit*

You didn't see Mommy kissing Santa Claus.

It was Kenny Rogers. She banged him backstage after an encore of The Gambler. He's your real dad.

So there's a rock band playing a concert...

And they're almost at the end of their set and exhausted, and their minds start to wander. The guitarist looks out into the crowd and thinks to himself "gee, that girl in the front row is pretty cute, I should see if I can get her to come backstage after the show". The drummer thinks to himself "gee, after this gig I'll be able to afford a new high hat!" All the while, the bassist is up there thinkin "gee....D....F...."

I am a huge fan of R.E.M did you see the photo I got with them backstage after their concert,

that's me in the corner...

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