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Funny Backside Jokes and Puns

Möbius strippers...

never show their backside.

I think my horse is a blacksmith.

I slapped him on the backside and he made a bolt for the door.

What did the male magnet tell the female magnet?

When I saw your backside I was repelled, but now that I see your frontside I am very attracted

A man went to the doctor about pain in his backside

He said:

"Doctor please help me my bottom hurts"

The doctor replied,

"Well can you tell me exactly where it hurts"

The man said,

"Right around the entrance it's really sore"

To which the doctor said,

"My advice is that for as long as you call that the entrance, it'll hurt"

What's the backside of the moon called?

The front.

Respect for the fallen

I once dated a girl with a tattoo of a poppy on her backside.

It was in memory of all those who had died at the front.

What's the difference between Kim Kardashian and the moon?

You actually have to put in some effort to see the moon's backside.

A man asks his friend what the difference is between a mailbox and a hippo's backside.

The friend immediately replies "I don't know."

"Well then I'd be happy to help you mail your letters."

Sherlock Holmes smeared lemons over Dr. Watson's backside

"Why are you doing that, Holmes?" Dr. Watson asked.
"Lemon-entry my dear Watson", Holmes replied.

I know a man who broke his backside

He had a big crack right down the middle

What side of a cat has the most hair?

The backside

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A guy walks into a bar with a frog on his head

The bartender says, "Hey, buddy! What's the deal?"
And the frog says, "Well, it started as a wart on my backside but then kept growing."

I was thinking of hosting a gathering of celebrities where we make harsh jokes about honoree JLO's backside.

Think of it as a rump roast.

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