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The Best jokes about Babyproofing

My wife and I finally finished baby-proofing the house.

Let's see that baby try and get in here now.

I spent this past weekend baby-proofing my house...

I'm not having a baby, but I hung up a bunch of anime posters to make sure that I never do.

Original Male Sterilization Joke

A guy goes into the doctor for his baby-proofing surgery. He hops up on the table and says "OK, Doc! Let's get this tubal ligation going!".

The doctor looks up, annoyed. "This isn't a tubal ligation!"

"I know, I know," says the guy, "but it's all the same thing, pretty much."

"No it isn't!" says the Doctor. "There's a Vas Deferens!"

I just finished baby-proofing my condo.

I seriously doubt any of them are making it past the barbed wire and claymores.

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