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I once met a crazed man muttering incoherently about Ancient Mesopotamia

But I had to stop him, because I didn't want him to Babylon

the Mesopotamians were all talk

they just Babylon and on and on

My least favorite subject in school was Ancient History.

The teachers tended to Babylon

Babylon joke, My least favorite subject in school was Ancient History.

What's the worst part about history class?

Teachers tend to Babylon

What city are people who like to talk a lot from?


Jesus spoke to many people

He tended to Babylon

If a Rastaman ever wants to tell you a story...

Don't bother, they just Babylon.

Babylon joke, If a Rastaman ever wants to tell you a story...

Where did Nebuchadnezzar hang out as a baby?

In Babylon.

Kid on his bed asks "Where do babies come from?". His mom answers...


When was the first yo mama joke

The ancient Babylonian yo-mama joke:

Of your mother is by the one who has intercourse with her. What/who is it?

Which city do people who talk a lot live?


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I did a genealogical DNA test and it turns out i'm actually Iranian.

It does explain why I like to Babylon.

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