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The Best jokes about Babylon

I once met a crazed man muttering incoherently about Ancient Mesopotamia

But I had to stop him, because I didn't want him to Babylon

What city are people who like to talk a lot from?


Jesus spoke to many people

He tended to Babylon

If a Rastaman ever wants to tell you a story...

Don't bother, they just Babylon.

Where did Nebuchadnezzar hang out as a baby?

In Babylon.

Kid on his bed asks "Where do babies come from?". His mom answers...


I did a genealogical DNA test and it turns out i'm actually Iranian.

It does explain why I like to Babylon.

Which city do people who talk a lot live?


When was the first yo mama joke

The ancient Babylonian yo-mama joke:

Of your mother is by the one who has intercourse with her. What/who is it?

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