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  1. A 13 month old baby breaks a mirror, giving it 7 years of bad luck. The good news, his mom is an anti-vaxxer.
  2. Why was the Anti-vaxxer's baby crying? Because he wasn't going to live long enough to see this joke reposted again.
  3. I just got kicked out of an anti-vaxxer group for telling them "they are all doing god's work.... And by god's work I mean giving diseases to innocent babies"
  4. What do anti-vaxxers and responsible bartenders jave in common? Neither believe in giving shots to babies!
  5. I knew a girl who always confused her birth control and anti-depressants She had the sweetest little baby.
  6. Anti-joke time Q: What is 1 foot long, stiff and makes women scream all night?
    A: A dead baby.
  7. Why was the new born baby crying in his anti vax mom hands He was having a mid life crisis
  8. What do an anti-vaxxer mom and a responsible bartender have in common? They both don't give shots to babies
  9. Morning after The morning after pill...did you know it's called the "anti-baby pill" in Germany? And in Sweden it's called the "regret pill". However in Chicago it's called the "crime fighter" pill.

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  1. dark Humour is like anti-vax families There's usually a dead baby.
  2. Why was the anti-vaxers baby crying. It was having a mid-life crisis.
  3. How are an anti vaccine baby's 5th birthday and John Cena related? They will never see it
  4. Anti vaxx jokes allow dead baby jokes to live on. Unlike the non vaccinated kids.
  5. What's good about your baby momma being an anti vaxxer? No child support payments.
  6. Why was the anti-vaxxer's newborn baby crying? Existential crisis
  7. Why was the anti-vaxxer's 18 month old baby up all night crying? Midlife crisis.

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Long Lost Twins

There's this story on CNN running about these two long lost twins that found each other on Google!
Did ya hear about it?
The o**... down in Mexico, I think, was doing that family tree thing and found out that he had a twin, Ehmal, was taken as a baby with his mother back to the middle east! And these two found each other!
Well the reporter on the CNN kept trying to run the story but for some reason Ehmal was like this anti-computer guy or something cuz he couldn't get a decent picture to the reporter!
They got faxes of pictures that were too dark and phone calls and such but no decent pictures. Frustrated she goes to her producer with the problem, wondering what she should do. Guy scratched his head, thought about it for a while and you know what he said?
Well.... If you seen Juan, you seen Ehmal.