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The Best jokes about Baboon

Which monkey can fly?

A hot air baboon!

What do you call a flying monkey?

A hot air baboon.

My 8 year old son just told me this : What do you call a flying monkey ?

A hot air baboon !

What do you call a baboon that has no way to get into his house?

A Mon

What lives in a jungle and has a trunk?

A elephant.....*screeching tires*
A baboon with carry on.

What is a buffoon

It's a buff baboon

What Do You Call A Baby Racoon?

A Baboon!

A butt-ugly man travelled abroad. He took a picture with a baboon and sent it to his mother. The caption read:

I'm the one on the right.

What does the lunar eclipse have in common with the baboon?

They both display a red moon.

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