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The Best jokes about Awkwardness

Guy gets on a city bus...

and sits down next to a really hot girl. The bus bumps and her glass eyes falls out of its socket and the guy catches it. To repay him for catching her eye and due to the awkwardness she invites him to dinner and a movie and after that they went back to the guys house and had great sex! In the morning the guy looks at the girl and asks: "Do you usually hang out and have sex with random strangers"? She replies: "No, You just happened to catch my eye"!

Do you know why I only date black girls?

Because I hate the awkwardness of meeting a girlfriend's dad

A man walks into a brothel looking for something cheap...

...and the owner tells him, "One of our best prostitutes died a week ago. She's still in her room and I can let you have your way with her for only $2." The man is hesitant at first but ultimately decides to do it because of his lack of funds for anything else. He hands the owner his money and walks into her room.

After an hour or so the man comes back excited and tells the owner, "That was some of the best sex I have ever had! There was no awkwardness whatsoever, she didn't complain in any way, the smell wasn't too unbearable, and she was still warm and juicy. Everything was perfect except for the fact that her nose kept running."

The owner chuckled a little bit and said, "Her nose was running? Don't worry, she's just full."

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