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My grandfather personally killed 30 German aviators during WW2

He was the shittiest mechanic the luftwaffe had.

A blonde cop pulls over a blonde driver

The cop tells the driver "License please."

"What is a license?" the driver answers.

The cop replies "it goes in your wallet, has a picture of you on it..."

As the blonde driver digs through her purse, after a while she pulls an object out, looks at it for a second, smiles, says "Found it! Here you go officer!" and hands a mirror to the cop.

The cop takes off her aviators, looks in the mirror, rolls her eyes, and hands it back to the driver.

"If I knew you were a cop, I wouldn't have pulled you over!"

Last night on a flight to Denver I finally joined the mile high club!

.....solo aviators division.

-Arj Barker is a legend.

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