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Avi goes to his rabbi (stop me if this has been posted before; I'm not a subscriber)...

Avi goes to his rabbi and says, "Rabbi Gershenson, I'm at the end of my rope! I have taught my son well, taken him to temple every Sabbath unless he was gravely ill, sent him to yeshiva, yet he tells me that he wants to convert to Christianity. What should I do?"

The rabbi replies, "You're asking me?! Avi, I taught my son well, I took him to temple every Sabbath, I sent him to yeshiva, and still he told me that he wanted to convert."

Avi says, "Rabbi, what did you do?"

Rabbi Gershenson says, "I asked *HaShem* for guidance."

Avi asks, "And what did the Lord say?"

Rabbi Gershenson replies, "He said, '**You're asking ME?!**'"

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