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The Avengers are over rated.

The Baltimore rioters destroyed half a city without any superpowers at all.

Why don't The Avengers drive Dodge Avengers?

Because cars like that are nothing to Marvel at.

The Avengers must love Daft Punk

They were up all night to get Loki

Did you see the new Avengers movie?

It was over in a snap

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos absolutely went crazy.

He snapped.

The Avengers go to prison

They should have asked the age of Ultron.

Why did all the Avengers have to get glasses?

Because they had poor Vision

Why did the Avengers have the best float at the parade?

They had a gigantic Banner!

That last avengers movie..

Was over in a snap.

Why do the Avengers keep calling Spiderman over to fix their computer?

Because they heard he's a web developer


The journey isnt watching the movie.
Its getting their before somebody spoils it for you.

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I like how avengers infinity war has perfect balance

[Thor gains his vision back but scarlet witch loses hers](#s)

Which one of the Avengers would hurt the most if he shrank down in size like Ant-Man?

Thor. Because he would be a little Thor.

Why there are so many avenues in France?

Because german soldiers like to march in the shade

What do the Avengers call it when they win a fight without the Hulk?

A Banner Day!

Why would the Avengers have been better able to see a solution to the infinity war if Thanos had arrived just a couple of years later?

They'd have had 2020 Vision

(I'm so sorry)

The avengers walk into a bar

Except vision. He phased.

What do the Avengers do at the end of Infinity War 2?

Take a Wakanda beach.

We all know the new Avengers movie is just the Boston Tea Party but bigger.

Come on guys Infinite Tea War you weren't even subtle.

How do the Avengers buy all their green screen?

They buy it in Hulk

Avengers endgame trailer becomes most viewed trailer in history with 289M views in 24 hours ...

This could have been double only if Thanos had not snapped his fingers

The Avengers: Endgame trailer had 289 million views in 24 hours.

It would have been 578 million views, but...

The Avengers: Endgame trailer has 14 million views from just one person

Dr. Strange

What does an Avenger use for a sex toy?


Avengers related joke with spoilers

How many avengers can you fit in an ashtray?

[Hover over text to see answer.](/s "About half")

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