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If Prince Zuko worries about about where the avatar is

Does he have Aangxiety?

Did you know Avatar is a sequel to Titanic?

It picks up where Titanic left off, in the sense that half the cast is blue and dying.


What does toilet paper and the Avatar have in common?

They disappear when the world needs them most.

My wife was complaining about how much effort I put into customizing my avatar at the beginning of games....

I told her that hard work helps build character.

Why didn't the Avatar want to fight the Fire Nation?

Because they gave him Aang-xiety

What do you call a mad avatar


Why can't Flat-Earthers watch the show Avatar?

Because they don't understand the concept of Earth-bending

Why did the avatar have a troubled childhood?

He had a lot of teenage aang-st

Avatar The Last Airbender Movie

thats it

why do people keep putting flag overlays on their avatar when tragedies happen?

like i've seen it happen with france, brussels, gay marriage

Did the band Earth, Wind, & Fire even know...

...how close they were to reaching the Avatar state?

Lemme tell you something about Avatar Season 3.

It's Fire.

What do you call an Avatar that was born in the 1950's

Boomer Aang

What did people call the avatar when he was old and grouchy?


Thai-English bilingual Nintendo joke

What does a Thai man say when he can't find the coffee mug from which he always drinks while customizing his avatar on his Nintendo Wii?

*Mai mii khap!*

Watching Avatar again

Didn't notice the first time how odd it was that all the Na'vi were portrayed as so pale-skinned and blonde...

When Avatar Aang gets old...

He'll be a Boomer-Aang. He'll always come back (as an Avatar reincarnation).

The Avatar is my dad.

He disappeared when I needed him most.

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