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Two medical students are about to witness an autopsy for the first time...

One asks the other, "What do you think it'll be like?"

The other student shrugs and says, "Remains to be seen".

A patient complained to his doctor...

"I've been to three other doctors and none of them agreed with your diagnosis."

The doctor calmly replied, "Just wait until the autopsy, then you'll see that I was right."

How do you find out if a dead man has autism?

You give them an autopsy

Autopsy joke, How do you find out if a dead man has autism?

To help me get over my recently developed elevator phobia my friend invited me to an Open Mike night.

Worst autopsy ever!

A duck was found dead on the sidewalk today...

The autopsy revealed he overdosed on quack.

Michael Jackson's latest autopsy report states that he didn't actually die at home.

He died in the hospital - he was found in the children's ward having a stroke.

I found out I'm a necrophiliac.

How, you ask? I walked into an autopsy. It was stiff.

Autopsy joke, I found out I'm a necrophiliac.

A man comes home from work...

A man comes home from work and he finds his wife furious at him.

She screams "Why did you sleep with my sister while you were at work!?"

He replies "Well she was lying on the table, naked, and you know she's an attractive woman, so what did you expect me to do?"

"Perform the autopsy."

Open Mike Night sounded like a lot of fun...

... Until I realized I'd been invited to an autopsy

Coroner's Report

Coroner: Report complete.

Police: What was the cause of death?

Coroner: The cause of death was that I sliced him open and performed an autopsy.

The Police are looking into George Michaels' death.

When the press asked if an autopsy would be performed, the coroner was quoted as saying: "Well I guess it would be nice, if I could touch his body."

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The man who invented the Kinder Surprise had died.

The pathologist who does his autopsy is in for a treat.

Autopsy confirms George Michael choked on a chocolate bar

It was a Careless Whisper

A man cheats with his wife's sister

Man: Calm down! You haven't heard my side of the story!

Wife: You slept with my sister!

Man: When i got to work she was just laying there naked on my table! What was I supposed to do?!

Wife: The autopsy!

PS: Didnt make this up

"Nurse, where are we going?"

"To the morgue."

"But I haven't died yet!"

"The doc said 'to the morgue' — to the morgue it is!"

"But what is wrong with me?!"

"The autopsy will show!"

My aunt died in the worst way possible.

During her autopsy

Autopsy joke, My aunt died in the worst way possible.

What did the lead coroner do when he and the other coroners were asked to perform an autopsy?

He cracked open a cold one with the boys.

Autopsy shows Michael Jackson died from food poisoning....

they found a 12 year old wiener stuck in his throat.

Autopsy finished on Bruce Forsyth

Official notice : Bruce Forsyth died of a seizure, nice to seizure, to seizure nice

What was under Prince's autopsy table?

Purple Drain

Why is it called autopsy..

A man was arguing with his wife...

Her: I can't believe you had sex with my sister!

Him: I was at my job, and she was there just lying on the table naked. What else was i supposed to do?

Her: The freaking autopsy!

I Used to work in a pathology lab...

I was forced to leave when one of my reports said "Cause of Death: Autopsy"

We thought my grandmother died in the best way possible.

Peacefully, in her sleep.
But then we done an autopsy and found out we were wrong. She died in the worst way possible.

During an autopsy.

Wife: I cannot believe you had sex with my sister!

Husband: I walked in the room and she was lying there naked! What was I supposed to do?

Wife: The Autopsy!

I always wondered why do people cut themselves

They're just doing and autopsy

Good news; Ruth Bader Ginsburg shows no evidence of cancer

...autopsy results revealed.

Man: Doctor, is it serious?!

Doctor: Oh my God, stop the autopsy!!

Everyone was excited at the autopsy club...

It was open Mike night.

There is a new autopsy club in town and last night it was packed.

It was open mike night.

An autopsy is performed on a potential murder victim

They suspect murder however an autopsy reveals that all of the inside organs are in completely wrong areas, they conclude with he is very disorganised

Everyone was excited

Everyone was excited at Autopsy Club.

Apparently, it was open Mike night.

What do you call the game Operation without the batteries?


A man was found dead in his apartment. His friends claimed he died because he bet that he could eat $500

The autopsy concludes that, indeed, he put his money where his mouth was

Two men are talking to each other

M1: I can not believe you slept with her!

M2:What was I supposed to do she was just laying there naked!

M1:The autopsy!!!


M1:You are the worst vet I know

The autopsy report came back from the inmate who hung himself in his cell

He had the Epstein-behindBarrs virus

An Attorney and a Doctor in court...

Attorney: Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse?

Doctor: No.

Attorney: Did you check for blood pressure?

Doctor: No.

Attorney: So, then it is possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?

Doctor: No.

Attorney: How can you be so sure, Doctor?

Doctor: Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar.

Attorney: But could the patient have still been alive nevertheless?

Doctor: It is possible that he could have been alive and practising law somewhere.

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