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I saw Tom Hanks today so I asked him for his autograph.

He just wrote Thanks.

I just got Natalie Portman's autograph!

Sure, it's on a restraining order, but still...

A windmill asked me for an autograph...

I said "You must be a big fan"

Tom Hanks is extremely polite...

In fact, every time someone asks him for an autograph, he's the one that ends up saying "T.Hanks"

A couple came up to Rodney Dangerfield for an autograph. Trying to make small talk, they said "Whaddya think? We just got married!"

Rodney: "You both could've done better!"

The man who knew everyone

There once was a man named Tom and one day he was bragging to his coworkers that he knew everyone who was anyone and everyone knew him. After a couple of weeks of hearing this, Tom's boss, Fred, decided to show that this was all a bunch of bullshit. Fred takes Tom to Hollywood and asks him to get Nicholas Cage's autograph. Sure enough, an hour later Tom comes walking in with the autograph and Mr. Cage himself. Fred is impressed, but still not 100% sure about Tom's popularity, so he takes him to the Vatican and says, "If you know everyone, go onto the Vatican's balcony with the pope."
Tom says that will be easy because he since all of the guards know him, it should be a cinch. Sure enough, half an hour later, out comes Tom with the pope one the balcony. He goes down to see his boss and finds him on a stretcher being lifted onto an ambulance. Tome asks what happened and Fred replies, "Everything was going great until the guy next to me said, 'Who's that guy with Tom?'. Then I had a heart attack."

Hayden Christensen got mad and punched an autograph seeker

The Sith really hit the fan!

What did Lil' John say when the fan asked for an autograph at the loud club?

What? Yeah... OK.

What was Ryu's response when someone asked if they could have his autograph?

"Sure you can!"

when she gives me her autograph

I love it when she signs the restraining order without dotting the i with a heart, playing hard to get I see!

How do you get Stephen Hawking's autograph?

Bring a printer.

I once shook hands with the world's greatest thief...

I'd hoped to get his autograph, too, but he was in a hurry to meet with some lobbyists before a big vote.

What did Ryu say the the fan who asked if he could get his his autograph?

"Sure you can!"

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