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The funny thing about teen pregnancy is they all say, "Don't do it! You will lose all your freedom! Make the responsible choice." But after it happens they say "We're disappointed but we can make the best of this. It's not the end of the world."

Whoops, I accidentally autocorrected "Trumps' Presidency" to "teen pregnancy"

My phone autocorrected "killed" to "kilt"...

Well plaid, phone... Well plaid.

My computer auto-corrected "illegal immigrant" to "undocumented person."

It's a PC PC.

I complemented a girl by commenting 'cool' on her picture

It autocorrected to 'cook'

What's the difference between an auto-corrected exclamation of amazement and an act of liking men?

One is ducking sick, the other is sucking d...

My phone won't let me be depressed. It autocorrected :( to :)

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