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My parents read the book I was writing. They said the main character wasn't likeable.

It was an autobiography...

I decided to kill off some characters in the book I am writing

It would definitely spice up my autobiography.

My author friend claims that he 'accidentally' glued himself to his autobiography, but I don't believe him.

But that's his story, and he's sticking to it.

Have you read the autobiography of the guy with two functioning penises?

I don't know, I thought he came across as two cocky.

My friend claims he glued himself to his autobiography and I don't believe him

Anyway that's his story and he is sticking to it

If you wrote a book about Lightning McQueen...

Is it a biography or an autobiography?

I wrote a book about my car

It was an auto-biography

They say when you explain a joke that it's no longer funny...

But that's okay because I didn't have the time to write an autobiography.

The most well known person in the world

Some Spanish guy named "Manual"... A copy of his autobiography, printed in multiple languages, comes free with every electronic device or machinery... although much of his life story is lost in translation.

My son got hold of my autobiography and threw the pages all around the house.

I really need to sort my life out.

Paris Hilton recently did a signing for her new autobiography that lasted almost 4 hours.

To be fair she was a bit quicker with the second book.

Told my girlfriend that I've started writing a book about a serial killer that murders his lover.

She said, "That sounds exciting. I love thrillers."

I said, "It's not a thriller, it's an autobiography."

My best mate ate his own autobiography.

He's so full of himself.

I'm killing off the main character in my book.

It's an autobiography.

Im writing my autobiography

"Oh nice!"

"Yea im planning on killing off the main character"

I bought a mayfly's autobiography.

Chapter 1: The end.

How did Kim Jong-Il begin his audio autobiography?

"Dear Reader"

I've been reading this farmer's autobiography and just got to the part where he expands his carrot farm.

The plot thickens.

Did you hear about the chick pea who released a autobiography 3 years after his death?

It was released post-hummus-ly

I started writting an autobiography but I gave up...

Story of my life.

In what form of writing is killing the main character a good idea?

An Autobiography.

What's the name of the story of a car's life?

An autobiography

My friend told me his autobiography was available at the library...

His story checks out.

What's a cars favorite book?

An auto-biography

Rachel Dolezal just announced she's writing an autobiography

it's titled "The Inward Woman"

Just heard the TV weatherman say, high in the thirties .

Now I know the title to one of the chapters of my autobiography.

If I wrote an autobiography I bet it wouldn't sell

Story of my life..

I decided to kill off a few characters in the story I'm writing

Would definitely spice up my autobiography.

I don't want to spoil my autobiography for you.

But at the end, you find out that you've just wasted Β£4.99.

I've just finished my autobiography. I hope lots of people buy it.

Then my life might actually be worth writing about.

I have a self-driving car, yesterday I added Microsoft word to its AI program.

Today it wrote it's autobiography.

Did you hear about Rosie's autobiography?

It was a rivetting tale.

My publisher really likes minimalism.

So I wrote an autobiography for him.

I'm writing an auto-biography called "A day in the life of a Procrastinator"

I started it 3 years ago, but I'm only on the second page.

I should ask my parents for help...


I'll ask them later

I wonder what they called Hitler's autobiography in Zootopia...

Maybe Lion Kampf?

I didn't turn up to an important appointment today as I accidentally glued myself to my autobiography.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

A bottle of Cillit bang leaked all over my bookshelf yesterday...

And now I can't find my copy of Motley Crue's autobiography.

Do you know what the Steve Harvey autobiography is called?

Neither does his publisher. He gave it a title, but then took it back.

What did the sad German Shepherd name his autobiography?

Wein Kampf

Help me understand this joke by Rodney Dangerfield.

From his autobiography "It's Not Easy Bein' Me":

I said to Ella Mae after observing her physical attributes, "You're just oozing sex. I guess when a guy's with you he comes quick."

Then she said, "A lot of them tell me, 'Don't Move!'"

I was trying to read a German leader's autobiography.

My struggle to translate the German to English was intense.

Pope Francis has written an autobiography

He titled it, "I, Papi"

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