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I have an autistic nephew...

and I'm starting to think my dog is autistic as well because she also barks at the vacuum.

My autistic 7 year-old battling cancer told me this joke while adopting a shelter puppy

An autistic person with an erection walks into a wall, what hits the wall first?

An autistic and a vegan walk into a bar

You only know because they mention it every other sentence

Being autistic is a bit like being a photon...

Getting from here to someplace else is instantaneous, but what happens in between is incomprehensible.

(source: am autistic)

What does an autistic spy do?


What was the autistic kid on the floor doing?

His best

What did the British painter ask his fidget spinner?

"Am I your favorite autist?"

What was the autistic boy doing on the ground?

His best.

Why do autistic kids solve math problems for fun?

Because they enjoy being mentaly challenged.

An autistic Mexican sees a box of spilled Cheerios...

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I saw an autistic kid being beat up by three guys. I couldn't just stand there.

There was no way he stood a chance against all four of us.

What did the autistic cat say when it got hurt

I let the autistic kid have my seat on the bus.

And that, is how I lost my job _and_ my license.

What do you call a horrible painter?

An autist.

You know, all autistic people have had vaccines..

Because if they didn't they would be dead.

Why didn't the Autist buy a Commodore 64?

Because he was already on the spectrum

What did the autistic kid do when he was accused of stealing?

He retorted.

What does an autistic jawa say?


Why can't an autistic kid play billiards?

He can't pick up cues.

What can get disease and will never live past 4?

A guinea pig you vaccine loving autist!

Btw I'm pro vax just thought this was funny.

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