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The Best jokes about Authoritarian

What do you call an authoritarian potato?

A dicktater.

What do you call a patriarchal authoritarian society?

A dicktatorship

A sociopathic egomaniac...

A sociopathic egomaniac authoritarian leader accused of causing the deaths of tens of thousands is brain dead. Meanwhile in North Korea, Kim Jong Un is reported to be in critical condition.

What to you call an authoritarian, phallic tuber,

A dick-tater

Which delicious dairy snack deserves to form an independent nation of from the territory of three authoritarian nations?

The Cheese Kurds.

An authoritarian was caught speeding the other day.

When asked why he was going so fast he said he, "put his foot down."

What do rock climbers and authoritarian governments have in common?

Controlled descents/dissents

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