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The Greek restaurant in my town is so authentic that it went bankrupt

I wish Johnny Rockets would stop claiming to be an authentic 40s diner...

... I see black people eating there All the time.

I wonder if mormons support the transgendered?

If they did, they could go on a transmission!

-- authentic dadjoke overheard at breakfast

Authentic joke, I wonder if mormons support the transgendered?

Apparently my attempt at recreating authentic Middle Eastern recipes gave everyone food poisoning...

I falafel.

Kudos to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!

They really went out of their way to make their adoptive African children feel like a part of an authentic American family by getting a divorce.

An American white guy visits India.

Wanting to get a more authentic experience, he goes to an Indian restaurant and tells them to serve him their specials, no questions asked. After eating a few bites, he calls the waiter and says, "Hey, this is brilliant food, but I just have a tiny request. This is a tad bit too spicy for my taste, so could you please ask the chef to make my food less spicy than this please?"

The waiter perplexed, looks at the man and says "Sir,
....this is dessert"

I heard on the radio that protestors in Beijing are demanding authentic democratic reforms.

Unfortunately, all they can get is cheap Chinese knockoffs.

Authentic joke, I heard on the radio that protestors in Beijing are demanding authentic democratic reforms.

My Indian friend taught me an authentic Punjabi dance. I've got some real Sikh moves.

I went on an "Authentic World War One Tour" the other day

Three quarters of our party died, we didn't go anywhere and it rained the whole time.


An Irish woman insisted I have an authentic 7 course Irish meal...

She gave me a 6 pack and a piece of Sheppard's pie.

I saw a video of a man burning a Washington Redskins Jersey.

You can tell it was authentic because of the smoke signals.

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I'm selling an authentic French rifle..

It was never fired and only dropped once.

My friend took me to an authentic Chinese restaurant and when we arrived there was a pen of dogs to choose from in the entry.

That's not what I meant when I said you can pick the Spot.

I went to an Italian restaurant that claimed to be super authentic. But they weren't.

It was just a bunch of Impastas

What did the customer say about Panda Express's Internet Security?

It had nice Authentic Asian.

The Art of the Deal

A poor city man is out in the streets attempting to sell something on President's Day. He goes up to a foreigner and says:

"Hey there! Are you looking for a rare portrait of Washington on his birthday? I can hook you up. It's even got the signature of the Secretary of the Treasury on it, so you know it's authentic!"

"Wow, really? How much?"

"$5 a piece."

"I'll take 20!"

Needless to say, he came in with a Washington, and left with a Franklin.

Authentic joke, The Art of the Deal

People complain that Taco Bell isn't authentic.

But it gets the job done for half the price of other restaurants and nothing is more Mexican than that.

So my mom won't stop asking me about trying to find an authentic African restaurant somewhere in the city...

I keep having to tell her that I know absolutely nothing about dieting.

Have you ever had authentic Zimbabwean food?

The people of Zimbabwe haven't

Where is the best place to buy authentic shrunken heads?


went to mexican restaurant

it was so authentic the waiter said dont drink the water

I heard about a brand new Indian restaurant

They serve fresh, authentic bread, but they always run out. I stopped by after work. Turns out they had Na'an.

What's the key to making authentic Italian food?

Switch sides halfway through

A friend claims she made this joke and I'm testing if it's authentic and/or funny

An Indian went to Brown university to do research.
He was born to be a Brown fellow.

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