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What's the greatest trick the Austrians ever pulled off?

It was to convince the world that Mozart was Austrian and that Hitler in fact was German.

A favorite joke of the Swiss (although any country combo will do)

A group of Austrians, embarrassed of the Swiss engineers, approach them with a request to build a bridge in the Sahara. "We want to build the most beautiful bridge, with perfect precision, workmanship, and quality to last a thousand years".

The Swiss Engineers, intrigued by the challenge, go to work. Six months later, they present the Austrians with their timeless bridge in all its glory!

"Hahaha, you dumb Swiss, there's no water in the Sahara, we made you build a useless bridge", teased the Austrians with great fervour. "Now tear it down"

Reply the Swiss engineers: "We would, but there's a group of Austrians fishing off it".

Why are Austrians so good at telling jokes?

They live in hill-areas.

The Olympics

Austrians: We are the best in Super-G.

Swiss: Pfft, we are better than you.

USA: Shut up, we are the bestest!

Italians: Mamma Mia!

Czechs: Hold my beer and my snowboard.

Switzerland on Austrians: Why is the Austrian flag 'red-white-red'?

So that they can't raise it upside-down

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