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Funny Austria Hungary Jokes and Puns

Grandpa, grandpa! I'm watching a soccer game!

Who's playing?
Against who?

I'm watching TV

My grandfather walks by: What's on?
Me: Soccer
Grandfather: Who's playing?
Me: Austria-Hungary
Grandfather:And Against who?

Three generations apart, watching a soccer game

"Hey great grandpa, watch this soccer game!"

"Sure, which two countries are playing?"

"Austria - Hungary."

"Against who?"

Why was Austria-Hungary?

Turkey wasn't around yet.

19th century monarchy humor, anyone?

So Otto von Habsburg walks into a sports bar, sees a game on, and asks the bartender who's playing. "Austria and Hungary," he replies. Otto: "Yeah, who are they playing against?"

Why did Turkey disappear?

Because Austria was Hungary.

Asked my grandpa if he watched Austria Hungary football match

he asked me who played against

Today's FIFA match will be played by Austria and Hungary

Me: Against whom?

Why is Austria Hungary like a prime number?

Because it is inseparable and indivisible.

Why was Austria's neighbour complaining?

Because he was Hungary.

A kid comes to his grandfather...

*"Hey Gramps, do you want to watch soccer with me?*

*"Sure, who's playing?"*


*"Against whom?*

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My mum asked me if I wanted any breakfast. I said 'no, I'm not Hungary'

I'm Austria

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