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[OC] What color is someone's aura when they're about to die?

Cyan Aura

The Japanese believe the color of a person's aura changes to cyan before they die.


A big, tough guy walks into a bar...

Immediately seeing his massive muscles, and overall dangerous aura, everyone hushes and just stares.

"Listen punks," he growls out. "I run this bar now, and you guys are going by my rules! Everyone on the left side is an incest loving hillbilly, and everybody on the right side is a raging homosexual. Any issues?"

A scrawny, unassuming man from the right side raises a shaky hand.

"And what do YOU want?" The tough guy asks.

He replies "Well sir, what do we do if we belong on both sides?"

You guys just buy into anything big pharma tells you don't you?

You guys just buy into anything big pharma tells you don't you? i'll have you know my son was diagnosed with the measles so I placed various crystals around his bed while he slept to promote the proper aura for healing.

He's dead now but at least he's not autistic

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