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My dad's sister doesn't speak with anyone....

We call her Aunty Social

Little Johnny walks in on his dad having sex with his aunt.

Aunt was going up and down on his dad.When he sees little Johnny he is embarrassed and quickly tries covering up.

"So,..Son, see Aunty was ju.."

Little Johnny interrupts before dad could say further and says, "I know she was helping you flatten your tummy by going up and down, right?"

Dad is perplexed as it was the exactly what he was going to say and asks Johnny, "Right... Uhh, but how do you know?"

"Well, mommy too was helping the mailman flatten his tummy the other day."

My mother's sister is on heavy duty medication for schizophrenia.

I call her Aunty Psychotic.

Mom invited a friend from France called Soh Ciel for dinner.

She rarely talks with me because I call her Aunty Soh Ciel.

Why is John Snow a confident poker player?

Because he just upped the aunty.

Wife: Hello, where are you?

Husband: In office, & you?

Wife: In restaurant, 2 tables behind you!
The kids are asking who is that aunty with daddy?

My father's sister does everything in a roundabout way.

We call her Aunty Clockwise.

My uncles wife is a sex therapist. (Possibly NSFW?)

I call her Aunty climax.

Which Jewish family member finishes all arguments?

...Aunty Semitic

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