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What did grandma and grandpa do before there was Internet?

I mean, didn't they get bored?

I asked my 32 uncles and aunts, but they didn't know either.

Why is Jon Snow so ticklish?

Aunts in his pants...

Some evil scumbag has just broken into my 87 year old Aunts house and stolen her limbo dancing trophy.

Seriously, how low can you get.

Aunts joke, Some evil scumbag has just broken into my 87 year old Aunts house and stolen her limbo dancing troph

Jon Snows going to feel itchy during the GOT season finale!

What else would you expect with aunts in your pants?

Old aunts used to come up to me at weddings, poke me in the ribs and say "You're next! You're next!"

They stopped when I started doing the same at funerals.

I hated weddings as a kid

When I was younger,I had to attend many a wedding with my parents. Every single time, my aunts and other older relatives used to poke me with a smirk and tell me "You're next.".
They only stopped after I started doing the same thing with them at funerals.

Obesity runs in my family.

An obese woman goes to the doctor. The doctor prescribes diet and exercise. The woman says, "Doctor, you don't understand. My mother is obese. My father is obese. My sister is obese. My brother is obese. My aunts are obese. Obesity runs in my family. " The doctor replies, "It sounds like nobody runs in your family."

Aunts joke, Obesity runs in my family.

Little Johnny

An insurance officer comes to a farm and meets Little Johnny and asks,

"Hello, are your parents home by any chance?"

Little Johnny: "My parents were run over by the tractor ..."

Insurance officer: "Really? That's awful! Are your siblings at home?"

Little Johnny: "Run over by the tractor ..."

Insurance officer: "Oh my God! That's terrible! Are your grandparents or your uncles or aunts or any of your relatives at home?"

Little Johnny: "No! All of them run over by the tractor ..."

Insurance officer: "What are you doing all day then?"

Little Johnny: "Drive the tractor!"

As an unmarried man, my aunts used to ask me "and, are you the next one?" at every wedding...

...that quickly stopped when I started to ask them the same question at funerals

"What did grandpa and grandma do for fun back in the day?"

i don't know why but this question was never answered by anyone from my 17 aunts and uncles.

My old aunts would come and tease me at weddings

My old aunts would come and tease me at weddings, Well Shashank? Do you think you'll be next?



We've settled this quickly once I've started doing the same to them at funerals.

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People ask me how I have so many cousins, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers.

I respond with It's all relative

Why was Jon Snow itchy?

He had aunts in his pants

My Dad had 2 very attractive sisters that worked in the accounting office of the same company... was the department of fine aunts.

What's Jon Snow's favourite James Brown song?

I've Got Aunts in my Pants.

When you just found out by a coincidence you have two aunts named Lee.

A pair aunt lee just happened

Aunts joke, When you just found out by a coincidence you have two aunts named Lee.

(Spoilers) Why cant Jon Snow sit still?

He has aunts in his pants,

My little brother wished for bigger family gatherings

So I listed my single uncles on dating websites. "You want aunts? That's how you get aunts."

Did you know there is a specialty gift store for aunts?

It's a very niece market.

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