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In a progressively incestuous household...'s about upping the auntie

My family's surname is depressant, we all share a bleak outlook on life.

Except for my auntie.

My aunt is a Jew. And a holocaust denier.

We call her Auntie Semite

Auntie joke, My aunt is a Jew. And a holocaust denier.

If Jesus had a sex change, what would their nieces and nephews call them?

Auntie Christ

My auntie has a traditional remedy for Tourette's.

She swears by it.

My father's sister is obsessed with killing germs,

we call her Auntie Bacterial.

My mom's sister doesn't get Corona.

She has an auntie body.

Auntie joke, My mom's sister doesn't get Corona.

I find it really awkward that my Grandparents named my Dad's sister "Vaccine"...

I'm embarrassed to tell people that she's Auntie Vax.

Auntie, what's diplomacy?

It's how you tell someone to go to hell in a way that makes them look forward to the trip.

[OC] I'm gonna name my daughter Vaccine...

That way she will have to explain to her nieces and nephews why she is Auntie Vax.

My dad's sister is a geriatric nurse.

With Covid her life has been crazy busy over the past year. She has seen far too many patients die. Now that we have the vaccine she's very excited and gets borderline preachy on why we should all get vaccinated. She talks about it non-stop. It's annoying!

It's like she's become Auntie Vaxx!

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Why did Uncle Sam get a divorce?

His wife was Auntie America.

I come from a family of scientists who share the surname 'Matter.' We all get along, just like the particles we study.

Except for my Auntie Matter.

Had an issue with how the latest season of Game of Thrones ended:

Bit of an auntie climax don't you think?

Kid: why is my cousin named Diamond?

Mother: because your auntie really loves diamonds

Kid: well what about my name?

Mother: never mind about that Richard.

Did you hear about the auntie who plugged her electric blanket into the toaster?

She kept popping out of bed

Auntie joke, Did you hear about the auntie who plugged her electric blanket into the toaster?

Whenever I'm afraid of Corona, I remind myself of my mom's six sisters.

So many auntie bodies...

A young boy asks him mum why his cousin is named Diamond...

His mother replies "because your auntie loves Diamonds"

He replies "what about me?"

She responds "enough question Richard"

My auntie has been eating soil for years...

Really keeps her grounded

I just opened a Christmas card and a Yorkshire pudding fell out..

Gotta love my Auntie Bessie

My auntie gave me a Naked Banana Calender 2018 for Christmas..

I just don't see the apeel.

I've got a hot auntie that works for the electric board.

Do you wanna meter?

Which woman has Jesus as a nephew?

The Auntie Christ.

What family member do God and the Devil have in common?

Their auntie Thesis!

None of my uncles are Jewish

But I do have an Auntie Semite


Recent levels of inbreeding in the world have fallen.
Time to up the auntie

After trying many medications, my uncle learned he is only happy when his wife is miserable

He now only takes auntie depressants.

My Uncle got in a near-fatal car accident today. I asked him what happened. He said

β€”your Auntie jumped out the way.

Why did the Italian allergen dislike it's mother's sister?

Because it's auntie ista mean!

I just found out my father's sister doesn't like Jewish people.

Its hard to believe I have a relative who is auntie semitic.

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