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Sandy, an older women in her fifties, has a near death experience...

...later, on the operating table. She sees God who tells her not to worry she has at least another thirty years to live.

Sandy decides she's anyway in the hospital and she had another thirty years to live, she should make the most of it. She has plastic surgery on her face, Botox and breast augmentation. A few week later she's crossing the street and gets hit by a car and is killed.

She comes up to heaven and sees God. I don't understand, she says to God You said I had another thirty years?

God answers her, I didn't recognize you.

My surgeon friend that specialized in Augmentation Mammaplasty just died.

I regret not being there the moment he took his last breast.

How much was Texas Instruments fined when they were caught offering free breast augmentation procedures to employees?


I asked a friend why she did a lip augmentation again.

She said *bo look bepper*.

Why did the stripper decide not to go through with the breast augmentation surgery?

Because she found out her doctor graduated from the University of Hard Knockers.

What do you call a flower's breast augmentation?


What do you call paper with breast augmentation?


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