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Why can't you hear a pigeon throughout a whole auditorium?

Because a coo sticks

My friend was giving a speech on the benefits of communism at an auditorium

But he kept Stalin

After a concert at an old auditorium, the microphones started picking up whispers that weren't there...

"W-w-what was that??" asked one of the staff.

"Relax," said the manager, "it's just phantom power."

A caveman walks into an auditorium

He sits down in the front row and a janitor walks by. The janitor turns to the caveman and says, "Hey, the anthropology lecture doesn't start for another hour. You're early, man."


I just found out my wife is a natural auditorium.

The sound from a musician on stage bounces off the auditorium walls to surround the audience. The sound from a pigeon on stage does not do this.

The reason is a coo sticks.

My sister was in a school play with an auditorium that was packed. My mom said with how hot it was, it's going to be tough for the actors.

I said "Don't worry, it builds character"

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