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Good Sound

An mp3 file was relaxing on his couch at home, when his wife comes up to him.

Wife: "Honey, could you explain this charge for $600?"
Mp3: "Oh, thats for a new set of headphones."
Wife: "For $600??? How could you spend that much?"
Mp3: "But the sound quality is really good!"

Mp3 shrugs his shoulders. "What can I say? I'm an audiophile"

What did the FLAC say?

I'm an audiophile

What's the hardest thing about being an audiophile?

Convincing the sound to get into your van.

What do audiophiles like listening to?

Audio files.

Consult an audiophile before buying new headphones

Their reasoning is pretty sound

My cousin is a total audiophile...

He came as soon as he heard

What did the audiophile premature ejaculator say when he arrived at the scene of the emergency?

"I came as soon as I heard!"

I joined a series of audiophile cults.

We're all obviously into aural sects.

I told my audiophile friends I listen to MP3's

I got some .flac for that.

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